bitcoin panel
Bitcoin Mining & Post Halving Panel

Are Bitcoin Miners Going To Thrive Or Die?

May 20, 2020

The bitcoin panel of the summit was lead by Stephan Livera with guests Robert Breedlove, Tone Vays, and Matt D’Souza. The focus of the discussion was on bitcoin mining, hashrate, and affect on price.

Tone started the conversation talking about bitcoins potential move past $10,000 and how that would keep many miners in business. He also brought up a theory that large miners could dump coins on the market to put smaller miners out of business.

Robert talked about hashrate derivatives coming into the market and how they will help miners get predictable revenue.

Matt D’Souza showed his deep knowledge and experience in the bitcoin mining industry discussing things like the demand side of bitcoin, mining machines turning off due to hashrate adjustment, and why mining is not actually centralized.

Overall, this was a fantastic conversation around bitcoin and mining from four of the top experts.


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