Bybit Mutual Insurance

May 22, 2020

Bybit Mutual Insurance—a innovative risk management tool, Ben Zhou

Ben introduced a new product called “Mutual Insurance” Bybit just launched. Mutual insurance is a risk management tool for perpetual contracts. Traders can buy insurance to cover their position from 25% to 100%. If you purchase fully insured, meaning that if your position hits liquidation, the insurance will settle and cover all the loss. Simply put, if market goes to the opposite direction to your expectation, you can cash out the premium; if market goes into your favor, you can still earn profit from the original position.

Bybit is the top 3 largest crypto derivatives trading platform in the world, with 10k~15k BTC daily trading volume. It’s based in Singapore and has two customer support offices in Philippines and Malaysia, with more than 200 staff. Ben refers Bybit to a product-driven exchange, always listening to clients and providing innovative products for retail traders.


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