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ChainTalk Mining is a platform to provide the latest and most effective mining information in the industry. From the perspective of hardware equipment, software optimization, technical security, and input-output ratio of the Filecoin mining pool, the mining machine manufacturer on the market, we have chosen high-quality partners. To provide the profitable, low risk cloud mining information to our users.

"Chaintalk Mining is the 1st Japan Distribution Filecoin Mining Platform"

Filecoin + Chaintalk

Filecoin Invested by:

Sequoia Capital logo
Union Square Ventures
Funders Club

What is IPFS?

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. IPFS uses content-addressing to uniquely identify each file in a global namespace connecting all computing devices. It aims to make the network faster, safer and more open.

• Alternative to HTTP distributed storage
• Network storage protocol for distributed storage and shared files
• Content addressable peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that turns cloud storage into an algorithmic market. The market runs on a blockchain with a native protocol token (also called “Filecoin”), which miners earn by providing storage to clients. Essentially, filecoin is the airbnb of data storage — a peer to peer based exchange that accepts asks and bids to settle decentralized data storage transactions on blockchain.



Storage Miner

Retrieval Miner

Filecoin Allocation

The Filecoin Token will be distributed to the 4 major participating groups in the Filecoin Network. This allocation is written into the protocol itself and the Filecoin blockchain’s Genesis block. Each group is critical to the network’s creation, development, growth, and maintenance:


70% to Filecoin Miners (Mining block reward) For providing data storage service, maintaining the blockchain, distributing data, running contracts, and more.

Protocol Labs

15% to Protocol Labs (Genesis allocation, 6-year linear vesting) For research, engineering, deployment, business development, marketing, distribution, and more.


10% to Investors (Genesis allocation, 6 month to 3 year linear vesting) For funding network development, business development, partnerships, support, and more.


5% to Filecoin Foundation (Genesis allocation, 6-year linear vesting) For long-term network governance, partner support, academic grants, public works, community building, et cetera.

What is Filecoin Mining

Filecoin mining is a novel opportunity to earn revenue from providing data storage and retrieval services to clients across a vast network. Miners earn fees by storing and retrieving client information on the Filecoin network. The more client data a Filecoin miner stores, the more that miner’s storage power grows. The Filecoin network will have multiple types of miners:
•Storage miners, responsible for storing files and data on the network.
•Retrieval miners, responsible for providing quick pipes to retrieve files.
•Repair miners, which are to be implemented.

Why choose Filecoin Mining?

  1. Same as BTC and ETH, with both investment and speculative value, and attention from outside of crypto industry and institutional investors.
  2. Invested and supported by prominent individual and institutional investors. Such as Sequoia Capital; Andressen Horowitz.
  3. The developer community is second only to ETH, with hundreds of applications in the IPFS ecosystem and nearly a thousand developers.
  4. Benefits of early mining: Compared with speculation, mining is more suitable for early investment, because there are more block rewards and less competition, and it can become a new track for institutional players.

Filecoin Mining Process


Accept Order

Software + Network

Elegible to mine blocks


Data Encode

Software + Network

Publish the sector commitment on chain

Cloud Storage Drive


Block Reward

Differences between Bitcoin mining and Filecoin mining

BTC mining farm

Bitcoin Mining Farm


Huge Electrical Cost


Traditional Energy Consumption model

Data Center

Internet Data Center

Data Storage

Value-Sharing Model

Filecoin Potential

Our Unique Points

Low Risk, High Potential!

Mining Machine

Top Mining Machines

We have chosen the top mining machine manufacturer in the industry adopts computing cluster and storage.

High Quality Nodes

We investigate and select high-quality and stable Filecoin nodes for users for maximum performance.

Strong Support

We provide safety productive mining environment and A to Z maintenance support.

Our Partners

The global Filecoin miner performance top 5

The China No 1 crypto hedge fund Fenbushi Capital is the shareholder

High Quality farm and machine

1475 IPFS Farm

Chaintalk Mining Machine in 1475 IPFS Farm (1475 Pro)

1475 IPFS Business Registration Certificate

1475 IPFS and Chaintalk Mining Agreement

1475 IPFS Space Race Global Ranking (No.2 data from Aug 31st)

The global Filecoin miner performance top 5

The global No 1 Filecoin mining machine maker

High Quality farm and machine

IPFS Main Farm

Chaintalk Mining Machine in IPFS Main Farm (IPFSMain S4)

IPFS Main Business Registration Certificate

IPFS Main and Chaintalk Mining Agreement

IPFS MAIN Space Race Global Ranking (No.3 and No.4 data from Aug 31st)

The global Filecoin miner performance top 5

Qtum invested in 6 Block

High Quality farm and machine

6Block Farm

Chaintalk Mining Machine in 6Block Farm

6Block Business Registration Certificate

6Block and Chaintalk Mining Agreement (Coming Soon)

6Block Space Race Global Ranking (No.1 data from Aug 31st)



Why Join Now?

Receive Filecoin After The Main-net Starts

Please check the following two points before you use this service.

1、About Deposit
ChainTalk Mining provides the collateral (FIL) required for mining from ChainTalk Mining’s own holdings so that it can be mined immediately after mainnet release. For this reason, as soon as participants’ mining progresses, the amount provided will be deducted from the mined portion at a later date.

2. Start date for those participating after October 15th
For those who purchased ChainTalk Mining after October 15
ChainTalk Mining differs from other mining services in that the mining machines are housed in three miners in a distributed manner to improve the overall profitability of the service.
For this reason, a period of time is required to prepare a mining machine for each miner. Specifically, it takes 30 to 60 days from the time we receive payment confirmation of your order. During this period, the procurement, installation and setup of the mining machine will take place. And the contract period starts after the above preparations are completed.

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