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Crypto Asia Summit #3 :Day 1 Report

February 5, 2021

On January 27-28, 2021, the third edition of Crypto Asia Summit, the largest blockchain and crypto-asset online summit in Asia, was held. The theme of this year’s event was “CeFi & DeFi and Bitcoin” with speakers from the blockchain industry involved in traditional centralized digital asset finance and decentralized finance, which is rapidly growing in presence.
If you are interested in the details, you can watch the day’s content from the speakers’ presentation URLs after registering as a user on ChainTalk. Please check it out.

Leo Cheng:C.R.E.A.M. Finance – Co-Founder

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Mr. Cheng, Co-Founder of C.R.E.A.M. Finance, which is already one of the top 15 companies in terms of locked-in assets, started his presentation by touching on the potential of DeFi and introduced the lending protocol C.R.E.A.M. is developing. He also talked about the CREAM token, which is a proprietary token, and his ideas for future protocol improvements.

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Seth Lim:Venture Capitalist

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Lim, a venture capitalist known as the XRP whale, talked about the current trends of DeFi and the prospects for the next six months in 2021. In his presentation, he gave a basic description of DeFi and shared his own specific investment experience in DeFi. Mr. Lim also mentioned that he is focusing on MULAN Finance.

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Douglas Borthwick: INX Limited – Chief Marketing Officer

Crypto asia summit, Douglas Borthwick:INX Limited – Chief Marketing Officer
INX, a next-generation exchange comprised of financial professionals, will handle security tokens classified as securities, in addition to the physical cryptocurrencies and derivatives that can be traded on traditional crypto-asset exchanges. INX aims to become a leading company in the digital asset space, similar to NASDAQ and NYSE. He also mentioned that the company is registered with the SEC on Form F in the U.S. for fundraising and is in compliance with the law.

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Allen Yu: BQuant Technology – CEO

BQuant Technology – CEO
Mr. Allen Yu of BQuant Technology talked about crypto asset management in quantitative investment. He then proposed to hold bitcoin as asset management and to manage it through quantitative investment. He also introduced how quantitative investment is a scientific and efficient approach and BEQUANT’s investment performance.

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Kei Osuji:Xtheta Global – Business Development Manager

Xtheta, a well-known crypto exchange in Japan, is expanding its business globally as Xtheta Global. Mr. Osuji referred to the recent crypto-asset situation and regulations in various countries and stated his reason for expecting more crypto assets in the future.

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DeFi Panel discussion

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The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Itai Elizur of MarketAcross and included the speakers of the day, Mr. Seth Lim, Mr. Leo Cheng, and Mr. J.D. Salbego, CEO of AnRKey. The discussion focused on the question, “Is DeFi a bubble? Is the bubble/wave past its peak? What is the difference between the ICO boom and the Defi boom? What has the industry learned? What was the catalyst for the DeFi explosion? Do you see a wave of regulation coming to DeFi? Do you think there will be a wave of regulation on DeFi?” and “The pros and cons of the anonymous developer trend.

Panel discussion, crypto asia summit , AnRKey CEOのJ.D. Salbego, Seth Lim氏、Leo Cheng, MarketAcross, defi, cefi

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