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Crypto Asia Summit

Crypto Asia Summit Report – The Top Crypto Virtual Event Of 2020

May 25, 2020

The Crypto Asia Summit was a 5 day virtual event bringing the top experts in crypto and blockchain from all around the world to discuss the key topics and deliver market intelligence to all involved.

chaintalk 20000 visitors
ChainTalk Visitors During Crypto Asia Summit

The online event was a collection of live and pre-recorded videos from 60+ speakers. It took place on ChainTalk’s newly launched platform The platform’s development was led by TEAMZ CIO Inaki Olano. The concept is to incorporate virtual events into a social networking atmosphere so users are able to learn and meet others in the industry at the same time.

The event was headlined by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who participated in a Fireside Chat with bitcoin podcast host and influencer Stephan Livera.

Changpeng Zhao Binanace CEO
Changpeng Zhao Binanace CEO

CZ and Stephan Livera started the fireside chat with the first question, ‘what distinguishes Binance from other exchanges?’. CZ said, ‘there’s really no secret. Binance has been working on multilingual, web access and mobile access, customer service, engaging with community and much more. Little things add up plus a bit of luck makes Binance today.’

CZ continued to discuss regulation compliance issues. Regulations that promote innovation are good, but too much regulation and overly strict regulation kill innovation and thus startups. Regulation in fiat such as capital control and currency control pushes people to use BTC. Binance wants to work with good regulations to create a healthy crypto ecosystem from an industry perspective and world perspective.

The founder of Binance gave his prediction that he’s very bullish about BTC and fiat will ultimately crash because of endless money printing. As an entrepreneur, he devoted himself to building up more applications that people can use. We encourage everyone to watch this chat on-demand.

The Event Numbers

The Crypto Asia Summit promised to be one of the biggest virtual events in crypto for 2020. It did not disappoint. Here are the numbers:

  • 66 Speakers
  • 64 Media Partners With Millions Of Page Views Per Month
  • 29 Sponsors
  • 20,000+ Unique Page Views
  • 5,000+ Attendees
  • 10,000+ Presentation Views
  • 2500+ Presentation Comments
  • 500+ Hashtags On Twitter With A Reach Of 1 Million+ and 400,000+ Tweet Impressions
  • 4 Official WeChat Groups, 1 Official LINE Group, 1 Official Telegram Group
  • 15 Articles Distributed to Jinse Finance, Huoxing, PR Times For Each Day with 160,000+ Page Views

All presentations and panel discussions will remain available on-demand on ChainTalk TV. The event was also streamed live on THETA TV.

Here are some messages from attendees…

testimonial crypto asia summit

testimonial crypto asia summit

testimonial crypto asia summit

testimonial crypto asia summit

testimonial crypto asia summit

testimonial crypto asia summit

Day 1

The first day of the event started with experienced investor Jeffrey Wernick. He talked a lot about the current state of economy, stock buybacks, and sound money.

It ended with bitcoin author and programmer Jimmy Song. He spoke about how Bitcoin changes incentives from 4 levels—Individuals, company, nation and global. The state is printing money at 7% annually. Fiat money, gold, real estate and stocks are losing its store of value. When there’s no store of value, people end up consuming.

Jimmy Song Bitcoin Programmer

Sivio Micali, founder of Algorand Foundation, stated that neither Proof of work of Bitcoin nor delegated Pos is truly decentralized, but Algorand’s Pure Pos is. Check out Algorand here.

Ben Radclyffe from BitMex, focused his presentation on market makers. Prior to market makers, finding liquidity in the market was tough. Oftentimes it was hard for the buyers and sellers to find an equilibrium. Market makers entering the market may have added a premium, however they also offered liquidity for traders. Now, adding in market maker competition, the spread is reduced and much more liquidity enters the market. Check out BitMex here.

Jack Tao of Phemex announced it has launched a GOLD/USD perpetual contract for trading on their platform. This contract will give traders the opportunity to trade GOLD at 100x leverage. Check out Phemex here.

Kevin Pang, advisor of Space Travel, discussed the current proliferating trend of cryptocurrency, with BTC becoming the world’s sixth largest currency in circulation. Check out Space Travel here.

Tyler WU talked about Bluehelix Group, founded in April 2018 has completed $15 million in angel round financing and has received investment from a total of 56 institutional investors including top exchanges like Huobi and OKEx. BluehelixGroup with businesses Bluehelix Cloud, HBTC Exchange, and HBTC Chain.

Eddie argued that CEX (Centralized crypto exchanges) are faced with the difficulties of security vulnerabilities, high management costs and global regulatory policies. Decentralized crypto exchanges can solve all these problems. Although DEX also has its deficiencies such as poor user experience and low transaction performance. Check out CoinEx here.

TWO WINDS CMO Keigo Kiriu introduced TWO WINDS during the Crypto Asia Summit. TWO WINDS was founded in Singapore in 2019 to launch a business to save people suffering from “obstacles for healthy life expectancy” and “lifestyle diseases” which are prevalent around the world. Check out TWO WINDS here.

Ballet CEO Bobby Lee mentioned Ballet’s mission is to help billions of people to have the private key to keep their cryptocurrency safe during the Crypto Asia Summit.

Other speakers included Kathleen Chu of  Maker and Alexandre Dreyfus of Chiliz.

*Bitxmi was one of the sponsors for the event.  Lowest Trading Fees Exchange in the World!! Prompt, Secured, Trusted and Flawless Trading Platform!!

Day 2

CZ Stephan Livera Panel
CZ & Stephan Livera Fireside Chat

The second day was the longest with 15 sessions from 7 am to 1 am the next day Tokyo Time. This was the day CZ of Binance did his Fireside Chat with Stephan Livera. Their conversation went almost 60 minutes and Stephan asked tough questions. The two had never met and turned out to be a fantastic discussion.

The first panel covered topics of safe storage and custody, network effects and how new projects are utilizing this, and the current economic landscape affected by COVID-19 and its effects on crypto. Panelists included Alessio Quaglini, Thomas Glucksmann, Lennix Lai, Mati Greenspan, and Richard Chan. Unfortunately, Robert Beadles was not able to join due to Vimeo Livestream only allowing 5 guests at a time.

crypto asia summit panel
Custody, Networks, And Current Economy Panel

Da shared his thoughts on how blockchain can help to solve challenges the world is facing, and what Neo is doing to achieve that goal.

WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao mentioned that in 2020, investors need a transparent and trustable platform which is a decentralized finance platform.  WaykiChain is committed to advancing and leading in the Blockchain industry by building and innovating in its Defi ecosystem.

ChainUP is the world’s most advanced blockchain technology service provider for cryptocurrency exchange software. The company based in Singapore has an advanced installation system that promises its installation in just 10 minutes. Check out ChainUP here

Orchid CEO, Dr. Steven Waterhouse (Seven) started his session by comparing what the internet is supposed to be and what it has become. He mentions that the internet by design is meant to be a place where people can explore freely, however it has become a big risk for users. People are constantly being tracked wherever they go online.

Thomas Carter introduced Dealbox as a feature-rich and vertically integrated digital securities issuance and investment platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors to enable the future of investing and capital formation. He offered all Crypto Asia Summit attendees a 25% discount using code ‘casummit‘ for their Digital Name.

Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, started off his presentation by telling institutions that they should not be using a current Ledger device to do custody for their crypto assets. He talks about how the crypto custody industry is evolving with MPC technology offered by companies like Sepior and Unbound Tech.

Rashid Hoosenally, CEO of Lacero, discussed about Governance and control of digital assets. Over the past two years, infrastructure has been improved. However, today’s data security still needs to evolve, where encryption plays the fundamental role.

Aenco’s session included their CEO and CTO, Kenrick Fok and Geoffrey Tipton respectively. They began by introducing Aenco as creating smart tools for smart capital.

Day 2 also included sessions from:

*The event was sponsored by Tradewind Markets. The precious metals market is going digital. Tradewind is leading the transformation. Our platform is intuitive, scalable and cost effective.


Day 3

The third day of the summit brought the one and only Roger Ver. Economic freedom is important because it leads to higher per-capita income, high life expectancy, higher literacy rate, better income for the poorest 10%, as well as improved environment protection and fewer wars. The world will become a better place and digital currency is helping with that, according to Roger.

Roger Ver Chairman

Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics, presented on how COVID-19 is influencing financial markets. As governments shut down, unemployment has surged. People rush to US dollars. When people start to sell stocks, bonds and BTC, most transactions end up in US dollars. Demand for dollars skyrockets. Government takes actions to increase liquidity. Banks keep cash in their reserves, more than they have ever done.

The discussion was hosted by Frank Wiener, CMO of Sepior with two co-hosts, Robert Machado, product director at CYBAVO and Gabrielle Patrick, founder of Knabu. Frank gave a quick review of Crypto Wallet 1.0 and 2.0. To remove funds from a wallet, we have to use a private key, which is used to generate a digital signature that releases the funds. Thus, the security of the private key is paramount to security of digital assets. Check out Sepior here.

bitcoin panel
Bitcoin Mining & Post Halving Panel

The bitcoin panel of the summit was led by Stephan Livera with guests Robert Breedlove, Tone Vays, and Matt D’Souza. The focus of the discussion was on bitcoin mining, hashrate, and affect on price.

Tone Vays is one of the most well known names in the bitcoin world. In his presentation, Tone discussed the value proposition of bitcoin and why it’s so important to the economy.

Digital Entertainment Asset is a totally new type of game entertainment company. Using blockchain technology, they are issuing their own utility tokens called DEAPcoin, or DEP for short. Using DEP, they are creating a new economic zone. This is a revolution! Check out DEA here.

Max Krupyshev and the Coinspaid team created a wonderful video presentation of their solution to crypto payments. Max first shared the Covid-19 condition and how it has changed the global economy. Now, the timing is changing to use cryptocurrency for payment. Coinspaid has developed a solution to help businesses accept crypto and buyers use crypto for payment.  He states that to grow the amount of customers using crypto to pay, they must start and make it a habit. Check out Coinspaid here.

Stephan Livera’s talk at the Crypto Asia Summit focused on the entry level user and growing their knowledge around it.

Head of Global Business and Markets of Huobi Ciara Sun talked about trust in Blockchain.

Alex Mashinsky is the creator of VOIP and now is working on MOIP. To begin his presentation, Alex highlighted the centralized economy we live in currently. Banks control the monetary system, few tech companies control the internet, and governments control the rules. Alex makes the case for the world moving into a decentralized world as the world is heading in that direction. Check out Celsius Network here.

Other sessions on day 3 included:


Day 4

The fourth day was another impactful day of presentations. It started with Robert Breedlove. Robert Breedlove has been recently well known for publishing his detailed paper called, “The Number Zero And Bitcoin”. In his presentation for the Crypto Asia Summit, Robert put his ideas from that paper into video.

Rober Breedlove Parallax Digital CEO-CIO
Rober Breedlove Parallax Digital CEO-CIO

Ben Goertzel talked about how SingularityNET is using decentralized AI network to support our life under the COVID19 pandemic, in the particular area of precision medicine to create better antivirus against COVID 19; agent based modeling to estimate the impact of Social policies to manage COVID 19.

Kei Sim, the head of business development of Starbarters, talked about the present situation of exchange markets and what makes Starbarters stand out from 20, 000 competitor exchanges worldwide. Check out Starbarters here.

Remington Ong shared his opinions on blockchain and the pandemic at the Crypto Asia Summit.

Kenny Lee is the CEO of STAX exchange and partner of agile legal consulting. He discussed emerging technology and the growing impact of tech on traditional markets. Check out STAX here

In the interview led by Fadi, Ilgar Alekperov talked about the current crypto industry. Ilgar is the former co-head of algorithmic trading at Russia’s largest private bank and member of Moscow exchange IT committee. Check out ZUBR here.

Angela Tong spoke deeply about the China market. According to her, in terms of investment and financing, the data shows that by October 2019, China’s blockchain projects had the largest accumulative amount of financing, reaching 647, accounting for 46%. 

Day 4 also included sessions from:

Day 5

The last day of the summit did not disappoint. The first livestream of the day was Matt D’Souza. Matt D’Souza understands bitcoin mining inside and out and proved it during his talk at the Crypto Asia Summit. Matt went deep into the fundamentals of bitcoin and mining it.

Matt D’Souza Blockware Solutions

Ben Zhou introduced a new product called “Mutual Insurance” Bybit just launched. Mutual insurance is a risk management tool for perpetual contracts. Traders can buy insurance to cover their position from 25% to 100%. If you purchase fully insured, meaning that if your position hits liquidation, the insurance will settle and cover all the loss. Check out Bybit here

Thomas Glucksmann is Vice President of Global Business Development at Merkle Science, which provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions to detect, investigate and prevent criminal use of cryptocurrencies. In his presentation, Thomas mentioned some of the current cryptocrime trends including:

  • Phishing campaigns
  • Malicious mobile apps and domains
  • Home network attacks
  • Healthcare organization attacks
  • Fake and illegal listings on darknet markets
  • Investment scams and fraud

Sergei Sergienko shared his thoughts on how blockchain can improve the current problematic payroll system. He is the founder and CEO of Chrono tech, an Australian blockchain startup focusing on HR-solutions and recruitment industries. This platform is building a comprehensive ecosystem for HR and finance, helping reduce or eliminate the barriers to recruitment and payment processes for both workers and employers. Check out here.

The head of PGENE digital currency trading platform, Howard Leong says, regardless of what we do, it is imperative to deal with the financial affairs of an enterprise, in finance and trades, there are formulas, there are policies, and there are methods. Check out PGENE here.

In his talk, Lennix Lai shared his point of view related with how the central bank operations will happen if a crypto based national currency would be well adopted in different industry sectors.

Coincheck president Satoshi Hasuo shared 3 points during the Crypto Asia Summit.

  • First the market overview about crypto asset business in Japan
  • Second is the advantage of the Japanese market
  • Third is Coincheck’s  plan

Other speakers for day 5 included:

As most virtual events were 2 or 3 days, the Crypto Asia Summit went 5 days while launching a brand new platform. A huge congratulations to the team, speakers, sponsors, media, and attendees for taking part in a historic event.

On behalf of everyone at TEAMZ, we thank you for the support and hope you stay safe the rest of 2020. The comeback is always better than the setback and the world will certainly come back stronger.

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