Kenny lee
Kenny lee

Filling The Gap Between Traditional And Digital

May 22, 2020

STAX – fill the gap between traditional markets and digital assets with Kenny Lee.

Kenny Lee is the CEO of STAX exchange and partner of agile legal consulting. He discussed about emerging technology and the growing impact of tech on traditional markets.

He said that in 2020 we see there’s a growing gap between traditional investors and alternative assets. That’s where STAX stepped in and filled in the gap. It deploys crypto assets to bring the capital to market and help business catch the opportunities.

STAX is Australia’s first equity capital raising platform. It accepts both fiat and crypto as an investment into companies that are looking for capital. This model allows companies to raise funds from an existing pool created by traditional investors, as well as enabling global investment through accepting cryptocurrency worldwide. By doing so, STAX lowers the entry barrier of equity markets, making it more accessible for investors.


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