Digifinex ChainTalk event ama, kiana shek
Digifinex ChainTalk event ama

How To Successfully Market Your Blockchain Project – DigiFinex AMA With Tianyu Yang

July 13, 2020

#Let us first get to know more about Mr. Tianyu Yang, and his start up journey.

1/ Hello, Tianyu, when was the first time you invested in cryptocurrency? Could you share with us how you got involved in the Blockchain industry in the first place?

That was the beginning of 2017. There were so many blockchain projects coming to Tokyo in 2017 like a wave, that moment I quit my job from IBM and started my own company. During that moment I also was looking for some great business idea, the boom of blockchain and cryptocurrency made me decide to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Learning blockchain I really believed this was going to make a huge change so I decided to start from this new industry.

2/ Can definitely tell you are a decisive entrepreneur with strong executional skills, what was the motive for you to establish TEAMZ?

In 2017 there were still very few blockchain / cryptocurrency solution companies in Tokyo, our purpose was very simple, through our platform can let more people understand what is blockchain and what is cryptocurrency. Our goal is to be the top blockchain solutions agency in Japan, at the same time through our strategy, help more and more high quality blockchain startups grow faster.

#We would love to understand further how you can empower Blockchain projects

1/ Please tell us about TEAMZ’s area of services.

TEAMZ has 3 business channels:

The First channel is TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT. We started TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT in 2017 and now our summit has become the biggest and most international blockchain conference in Japan. The goal for doing it is not focusing on benefit, we want the whole industry to take advantage of our summit, use the summit as a platform to transfer useful information about blockchain and cryptocurrency, at the same time can also expand their network, make a new ecosystem for the blockchain industry together.

Our second channel is TEAMZ strategy consulting, we are strong with marketing especially digital marketing to help Japanese projects go global and also help international blockchain projects localize in the Japanese market. Here we have an A~Z package to help projects with branding, community operation, social media management, online and offline events, SEO strategy, SEM strategy, fund raising and many others. Until now we have served more than 300 projects.

Our third channel and also our newest channel which is a virtual event and social media platform, ChainTalk. Our goal is to make ChainTalk as one of the global leading online event and social media platforms.

2/ Due to COVID-19, all industries are facing difficulties in marketing campaigns and are thus switching to online channels.

  • What did TEAMZ do to adapt to the changes?
  • Online AMA is definitely going active this year, TEAMZ has also rolled out the ChainTalk category, why are you different from competitors?
  • Are there any successful cases you could share?

During Corona, the first quick action we took is at the beginning of 2020 we decided to delay our offline blockchain summit this year and it to an online summit. We knew it was going to be a long period without travel and large gatherings. After we made the decision our team started to work on the online live event platform and within 1 month the design and development completed which is the ChainTalk platform you see today. May 18th~23rd we hosted our first and also the biggest online blockchain summit, Crypto Asia Summit. There were more than 100 top industry speakers and more than 10K people joined our online summit. It was not easy but the results were great and I need to say we fought very fast and successfully.

ChainTalk’s strength is all the great content from our own team. High quality information and user experience are definitely the core areas of focus, at the same time we did not focus only on Japan or China but the global market. Our target audience is very diverse, this gives ChainTalk the ability to connect people from all over the world. On the other hand, most of the blockchain media are still competing on news, but ChainTalk is more focusing on online live events and social networking. I think this is why ChainTalk is different with other platforms and also this is one of ChainTalk’s strengths.

About the case studies actually there are so many, I can give some examples like the biggest Japan crypto exchange CoinCheck, one of the leading global exchanges Liquid, hardware wallet Ballet, Ledger, the leading global derivative exchange Bitmex, payment project Dash are all working with us.

3/ Smart Choice! What do you think are the biggest contributions and values TEAMZ has offered to the Blockchain industry?

The contributions and values TEAMZ has offered to the blockchain industry is through TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, TEAMZ strategy, ChainTalk Online live event and social media platform. We transferred a lot of useful information and knowledge to our industry, contribute to win-win partnership building and the new blockchain ecosystem building.

TEAMZ’s value for projects is our experience and knowledge about local Japanese and global blockchain market, give project’s a full marketing package service and let a lot of great products or services create brand recognition.

# TEAMZ teaches you how to identify high-quality blockchain projects

1/ Bitcoin has already been in the market for approximately a decade, the scale of cryptocurrency investors are undeniably increasing. Which area of knowledge do you think are significant to invest in crypto assets?

  • Understand the layout about blockchain and cryptocurrency, at least need to know all the concepts

  • The basic skill about how to use exchanges and wallets

  • Through research and learn the projects business model that you are going to invest in, don’t follow others

  • Individual investors need the ability to understand and read people that means you need to know the operation team of the projects because finally people invest in people not business idea or model

  • Invest in something that you understand more, or you are good at, interested in, you need to know their business model and if you will buy or use their services

2/ Thank you for your suggestions, I’m hoping interested investors could more or less absorb a little bit of insight from that. Personally I have a question that I would like to ask, have you ever invested in any Blockchain projects? If yes, would you be able to share a few investment insights with us?

Yes, all the startup projects that we are working together we will invest in, especially from 2017~3rd quarter of 2018, until now we have a lot of tokens that I cannot remember their names on hand. But for the main investment for crypto I am 100% more focusing on Bitcoin, personal or even our company are trying to change cash to Bitcoin. Nowadays I am interested in investing in Filecoin too. Still learning it.

About the investment insight I can share from my experience. I am not a trader so I don’t do second market trading, personal I more prefer keep tokens which I believe are going to be a huge success and keep it for long run. I suggest do things you are good at and focus on long term investment not a way to make quick money.

3/ Grateful for your sharing, so are you holding any cryptocurrency at the moment? Which one do you see potential in long run?

Like I answered I keep more bitcoin and will keep holding bitcoin for long term. These days filecoin definitely got my attention.

4/ Seems like Tianyu has been a loyal fan of BTC since the very beginning. Let me ask a question that our audience might be interested in. There are currently plenty of listings on digital asset exchange platforms, how should we identify quality ones to avoid scams and tricks?

Actually this is a very tough question, because there are so many ways to do scams on exchange platforms and it’s really hard for individual investors to tell which one is better and which is worse.

If you are very familiar with this industry you can definitely tell by your sense, your knowledge and experience.

But for most of users this is still hard work, so here I suggest everyone take a look if the project has some of the leading hedge funds investment or support, or some of the leading accelerator support, this seems like pretty much for surface but our industry is growing much more mature than before especially for investment funds during the past 2 or 3 years they already made some of the investment public and also more strict than before. If they decided to invest they must do tons of research about the project, so this is a very easy way to tell the quality of projects.

#Coming to the final round of questions, could you take DigiFinex as an example and list out some exclusive secrets to promote blockchain projects efficiently.

1/ In your opinion, what is the obstacle in promoting blockchain projects? How could we better approach our target audience?

I think it’s the gap between project or exchange and service agency’s goal and expectation.

Use a very efficient way to get real users with a short period is almost not possible unless we use MLM style. From the marketing point of view, the first KPI is focusing on how to grow users actually is wrong. Ask yourself if you don’t know some brands, are you going to buy at that moment? I think you won’t and the same here. But here we have a good suggestion an efficient way to do marketing is keep rolling events doesn’t matter online or offline, it’s the most direct way to approach your potential users. That’s why we built our ChainTalk platform to let everyone easily host events and approach their clients on the platform.

2/ A successful brand building requires long term strategic planning and DigiFinex started from scratch. To provide better products and services, we have done our rebranding as well as enhancement on our website and APP. If you are to take DigiFinex to the next level, could you recommend some practical ways for brand promotion, and to expand our global reputation?

There is no easy way for projects or exchanges to do marketing or branding. We don’t need to waste time with tricky ways that don’t work. We can go for a productive way. Here are some points to share with the marketing team.

Point 1, suggest the CMO and marketing team give a long term view for your branding, nowadays the atmosphere of the crypto industry is not right about this. About global marketing, I suggest the marketing team find a great local team to work together at least 6 months or even 1 year, think about how did you do your branding in your local market. It takes a lot of time and work right? After that period you can choose to build your own team with a basement knowledge from what you learned.

Point 2, all the marketing tools or strategies need to suit for your company, make the reasonable schedule. Tradition and crypto PR, SEO, Social media, YouTube interview, Community ads, KOL, online and offline events and so many other tools need to operate with a good strategy and timing.

Point 3, for crypto exchanges please pay more attention to the local regulation, what can you do and what you can not do is very important. For example, in Japan which channel is useful for exchanges to find the rules, don’t need to waste time and energy on defending the regulation this is not smart and also will burden your future marketing activities.

3/ I believe this would be extremely valuable to all experts involved in the Blockchain industry. Viewing from the trend in recent years, the industry is getting attention like every half year. Do you think exchange platforms or blockchain projects are capable of doing buzz marketing or should we take advantage of the waves?

Personally I don’t suggest too much buzz marketing or wave marketing, does not matter project or exchange most important marketing strategy is start from ourselves. How can you transfer your story, your services or products to your users. But this takes more time and energy.

Facing the reality we could do some of the wave marketing or boom marketing. But remember to keep the balance because over doing buzz marketing can really damage the brand because users will think why you guys spend a lot of time to talk about others right?

For how to do it, I think the content is the key, all the competitors are in the buzz marketing. How to make a big difference is depending on the content if your team can give future useful quality information. Another point is very important, that is how to connect your services and products with the wave. Let users see you are not trying to get the attention from the hot topic but trying to use the new trend to update your platform, that’s is a huge difference.

#Community Interactive Q&A

1/ What is the hottest Blockchain project currently trending?

DeFi and distributed storage like Filecoin

2/ Which country would you say has the most active/advanced users on investing in cryptocurrency?

Because I am based in Tokyo, Japan so I just share some information about Japanese market. 2019 research shows there were more than 6.45 M crypto holders in Japan until now the number must be much bigger than that could more than 10M I think. Japanese crypto investors we cannot say they are very active because they are more focusing on main coin like BCH, Ripple, ADA. About investment they are still very sensitive, research they are good at so they don’t follow other investors or do pump and dump schemes. Trust is the key and they are relatively mature I think.


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