ChainTalk TV is a live and on-demand social platform hosting virtual meetups, events, interviews, other video based activities. After creating an account on the ChainTalk TV platform you will be able to create your profile, post on your wall, join groups, network with other members, join virtual events, and so much.


Create a vibrant social platform for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.


The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is filled with spam and sales pitches. At ChainTalk TV, we want to change that. Our vision is to provide a dynamic platform that will help all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, regardless of where you live, an opportunity to learn about opportunities, new projects, technology, and become an active member in the industry. As long as you have an internet connection, you can join in, learn, and have some fun!

What You Can On ChainTalk

  • Host your own event
  • List your event
  • Promote your event
  • Create a ChainTalk account
  • Post to your profile wall
  • Joins private groups
  • network with industry experts and like minded people
  • Attend a live event
  • Watch on-demand content
  • Read the latest crypto and blockchain news
  • Join our WeChat and Telegram groups and participate in our AMA’s
  • Live chat, post pictures, add friends, comment on friends posts