Bitcoin’s Value Proposition

5月 20, 2020

Tone Vays is one of the most well known names in the bitcoin world. In his presentation, Tone discussed the value proposition of bitcoin and why it’s so important to the economy. He discussed the history of bitcoin from its early days of being relatively unknown until Wikileaks started to accept it and the creation of Silk Road. Bitcoin provided a valuable use case which was, censorship resistant value transfer.

Tone revealed when he discovered why bitcoin mattered so much. It was during the time Cyprus began confiscating euros from bank accounts. The showed Tone bitcoins most important property which is being unconfiscatable. However, bitcoin only keeps this property as long as the holder properly secures their holdings.

Tone goes on to talk about bitcoins market cycles and how past the current economic situations make him extremely bullish on Satoshi’s masterpiece, bitcoin.


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