Blockchain Gaming Revolution

5月 20, 2020

Digital Entertainment Asset is a totally new type of game entertainment company. Using blockchain technology, they are issuing their own utility tokens called DEAPcoin, or DEP for short. Using DEP, they are creating a new economic zone. This is a revolution!

CEO Naohito Yoshida introduced his career and showed his knowledge, experience and network  in Japan’s entertainment industry.

He mentioned the global gaming market will be worth 196 billion dollars by 2022. But mobile games have two major weaknesses, which is the user’s high cost and distribution of creator rights is unfair.  Using blockchain technology, Deapcoin wants to solve these 2 problems.

He also mentioned Deapcoin will expand the market with two innovations. The first innovation is the one he explained earlier about the weaknesses of mobile games. The second innovation will involve expanding the global market for unique Japanese content.

Japan’s population is about 130 million. This is less than 2 percent of the world’s total population of 7.7 billion. Yet, this 2 percent commands more than half of all game and anime users. In other words, the game and anime market is not global at all.

Even though there are enthusiastic fans of Japanese games and anime around the world, the value of content and creators is still untapped because it is hard to access.

DEA will create an innovation that will unleash this value globally all at once.


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