Zac Prince BlockFi
Zac Prince BlockFi

BlockFi And The Asian Market

5月 19, 2020

The fireside chat between Coco and Zac Prince, the founder of BlockFi kicked off the second day of Crypto Asia Summit.

Coco: What BlockFi offers that investors in Asia can leverage?

Zac introduced 3 financial services BlockFi providing for crypto investors all over the world: interest account, earning a yield on your BTC, ETH, LTC and stable coin holdings; crypto loans, where investors can borrow stable coins or fiat currency through securing their crypto currency as collateral and getting liquidity without selling them; trading product, buying and sell crypto currency.

Zac: What is going on in Asian crypto market?

Coco explained two major questions faced by China are that mining community being effected by BTC halving and how digital Yuan will effect digital currency ecosystem. On the other hand, movement in Japanese market shows that regulation will be the next trend. Compliance, what BlockFi is currently working on, will contribute to its fast growth in the future.


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