Emi Yoshikawa
Emi Yoshikawa

Building an Internet of Value, Emi Yoshikawa from Ripple

5月 19, 2020

Emi shared her thoughts on global payment problems and how Ripple can solve them.

With 9% growth in global migration, 34% small to medium enterprise in developed countries export internationally, internet connects the world more than ever before.

Global payment today is slow, unreliable with 6% possibility to fail, and costly with average $14 cost to send $200. Here comes the solution—XRP: 3 secs to settle a payment, $.0002/transaction and 1500 transactions per sec.

Ripple, an Internet of value, enables the world to move value like information moves today. This goal is achieved by two strategies: RippleNet and Xpring. RippleNet connects financial institutions to enable real-time payment and offer ODL (on-demand liquidity). Xpring, an open platform for money, is established on open standards, open sources, and open network.


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