Crypto Asia Summit #2:Day 1 Report

9月 29, 2020

The Crypto Asia Summit, Asia’s largest online blockchain and crypto-asset summit, took place on September 28-29, 2020. This article presents a recap of Day 1.


Pēteris Zilgalvis: European Commission – Head of Unit, Digital Innovation and Blockchain

Pēteris Zilgalvis


It was introduced that the European Commission, which has a department for blockchain, is currently exploring the use of blockchain for a wide range of areas, including CBDC and digital identity. He also touched on ways to ensure privacy in light of the practical application of blockchain and touched on potential public sector use cases.

He also touched on the regulations for crypto assets and related services, saying that it is their responsibility to harmonize and simplify the financial infrastructure with distributed ledger-based technology. She went on to mention that there are gaps in the current regulatory landscape for banks, and said that she would be happy to talk with partners around the world to establish appropriate regulations.


Daniele Marinelli: Founder of DTCircle 


Daniele Marinelli, DTCircle - Founder, cryptoasiasummit, chaintalk


Daniele raised the issue of the data we generate every day with apps on the web, saying that the people creating the data are not aware of it and that it is just being siphoned off one way or the other.

And as a solution to those problems, Daniele introduced an effort to use a platform called DTCircle to recover the value of data on the blockchain and reward users appropriately.


Sean Lee: CEO of Algorand Foundation 

seanlee, Algorand Foundation, Algo, CEO, crypto asia summit, chaintalk


Lead by a foundation led by Sean, Algorand is a differentiated blockchain, with a particular focus on scalability. In the future, it will be able to scale to billions of users, and is fast enough to withstand enterprise use and provide instant finality. The company is also releasing Algorand 2.0 in November 2019, and is working to implement “right to be forgotten” and other features not found in other blockchains.

Algorand has already partnered with just under 400 companies, with use cases from recent partnerships, CBDC in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and China’s BSN efforts, among others.


Thor Chan: CEO of AAX 

cryptoasiasummit, aax, exchange, chaintalk, bitcoin


Thor, CEO of crypto-asset exchange A‎‎‎AX, spoke about crypto-assets and their application to global finance. The content ranged from the major global trends, to Bitcoin’s focus on the younger generation, to the rise of DeFi.

And the exchange AAX focuses on strong security and high performance as its core values. In particular, the security is CCSS compliant, audited by the world’s leading organizations in security, and the operational aspects of the exchange are in place. He also expressed confidence that the performance will be high with the matching engine used by the London Stock Exchange.


A video recording of the Crypto Asia Summit is available for you to watch for yourself, so go to ChainTalk and take a look.



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