Crypto Asia Summit on September 28-29, Meet the Speakers and partners

9月 29, 2020

ChainTalk, a provider of a blockchain industry Online event& media platform produced by TEAMZ, will host a two-day online blockchain summit, the Crypto Asia Summit, on September 28 and 29.


Event page:

Here are the speakers who have already been confirmed as speakers.


Keisuke Honda – Investor

Keisuke Honda is best known as a former global football player, but he is also a business investor who has invested in over 50 companies. In the business

sector, he is highly interested in blockchain and has announced that he will be co-founding a blockchain fund in 2019.

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Pēteris Zilgalvis – European Commission Head of Unit, Digital Innovation and Blockchain

The European Comission (European Commission) works on policy priorities set by the President. Pēteris Zilgalvis leads the department that drives policy implementation for blockchain, including management of the European Blockchain Partnership and legal and regulatory work.

Pēteris Zilgalvis, European Commission - Head of Unit, Digital Innovation and Blockchain is speaking NOW at Crypto Asia Summit!

Sean Lee – CEO, Algorand Foundation

Sean Lee will lead the Algorand Foundation from June 2020. Algorand is a public blockchain founded by Turing Prize-winning MIT professor Silvio Micali to enable fast trading and solve the blockchain trilemma.

Kevin Chou – Rally Founder & CEO

Founded by Kevin Chou, Rally is a blockchain project that allows creators and their fan community to thrive together. The project is funded by prominent venture capitalists such as a16z Crypto and Coinbase Ventures.

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Patrick Dai – QTUM Foundation Founder

Qtum, founded by Patrick Dai, is a blockchain that will go live in September 2017. It offers an ethereum-compatible blockchain while employing UXTO to ensure per-wallet security. Recently, we have been working on further practical applications of the blockchain, including anonymity features.

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Thor Chan – CEO, AAX

Lead by Thor Chan, AAX is a crypto-asset exchange powered by LSEG Technology, the technology company of the London Stock Exchange Group, and is aimed at both retail and institutional investors. AAX is a crypto-asset exchange with a rapidly growing market presence and a steady stream of users.

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Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar – CEO of IOVLABS

RSK’s main developer, IOV Labs, is led by Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar. RSK works as a sidechain for Bitcoin and provides a smart contract that is compatible with Ethereum. It also provides a second and third layer of the RIF OS, a framework that makes RSK easy to use.

Eagle Huang – CEO, Deepcoin

Deepcoin is a derivative trading platform for crypto assets established in 2018. Deepcoin has an MSB license in Canada, an MSB license in the US and an NFA license in the US. In addition to fixed-term contracts, Deepcoin offers trading of CFDs on crypto assets and supports trading of derivatives underlying major altcoins.

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Daniele Marinelli – DT Circle Founder

Founded by Daniele Marinelli, DT Circle is an ecosystem designed to maximize the value of data. Members of DT Circle are able to monetize the big data collected through the ecosystem’s tools by selling it to companies.

Illia Polosukhin – NEAR Protocol Co-Founder

Co-founded by Illia Polosukhin, the NEAR Protocol is building a distributed application platform that works in people’s everyday lives. It is designed to be scalable and incentivize developers at the protocol level, providing a more sustainable ecosystem.

Participating Companies:

AAX: AAX is the world’s first digital asset exchange powered by LSEG Technology.


DTCIRCLE: A cryptographic asset that is based on the provision of traffic of collected data.


DEEPCOIN: Deepcoin is a global leading comprehensive cryptocurrency derivative trading platform, providing spot, derivatives, wealth management, DEFI investment and other comprehensive financial services.


Algorand: A technology company dedicated to taking the friction out of financial transactions


Ledger: Developing hardware wallet technology that provides the highest level of security for crypto assets.


Aenco: Practical Fintech created according to ERC223 standards


Bybit: One of the fastest growing cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, with more than a million registered users.


Orchid: An encrypted asset VPN application.


Lacero: Security Solution as a Unique Modular API-Based Architectural Service.


The Crypto Asia Summit is free and open to everyone. Please register by clicking the “Get pass now” button on the event page below.








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