Matt D'Souza Blockware Solutions

Deep Look Into Bitcoin Mining

5月 22, 2020

Matt D’Souza understands bitcoin mining inside and out and proved it during his talk at the Crypto Asia Summit. Matt went deep into the fundamentals of bitcoin and mining it.

During the beginning of his talk, Matt spoke about the recent 30% drop in hashrate on the bitcoin network. He believes the network is still strong as the hashrate is still up 60% from June of 2019. Post halving, a lot of old mining equipment has become inefficient which lead many miners to have to shut off. This led to the large decrease.

Matt also spoke about China and their bitcoin mining operations. He discussed their upcoming rainy season and how their electricity costs go down. This will allow many miners in China to turn machines on. This can lead to a rise in hashrate.

In our opinion, this was one of the best sessions at the Crypto Asia Summit. Matt delivered so much valuable information with specific data points anyone interested in the mining business needs to understand. This one is a must watch.


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