Rashid Hoosenally
Rashid Hoosenally

Governance & Control – The new frontier In digital asset infrastructure technology

5月 19, 2020

Rashid Hoosenally, CEO of Lacero, discussed about Governance and control of digital assets. Over the past two years, infrastructure has been improved. However, today’s data security still needs to evolve, where encryption plays the fundamental role. How you manage your encryption keys is the crucial matter. Three key things everyone has to get right: 1) basic key process 2) secure storage 3) key control, the hardest part and need urgent innovation.

Rashid also shared his opinions on characteristics that policy should have. He put up that safeguarding is about constantly finding the right balance between security and usability. Therefore, policy needs to be configurable and usable, which means to fit the organization and its workflows, easy and frictionless for people, as well as secure and non-subversive, auditable and transparent.

At last, he talked about some use cases of policy. In crypto space, policy means compliance and control for greater safeguarding. Take sensitive data such as medical records for another example. Policy is the brain that decides who can access which part of data under what strict circumstance.


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