Howard Leong
Howard Leong

Intelligent Quantitative Trading System

5月 22, 2020

The head of PGENE digital currency trading platform, Howard Leong says, regardless of what we do, it is imperative to deal with the financial affairs of an enterprise, in finance and trades, there are formulas, there are policies, and there are methods. Granted that we follow what suits us in conducting trade, profitable trading is within reach and 70% of losses may be avoided. We need to find a trading model or method, which suits us, we may reduce our time and energy or even reduce our loss percentage.

In fact, quantitative trading is a commonly used technology. Using quantitative trading can eliminate human aspects such as impulsive actions, and irrational decisions. The intelligent quantitative trading system is the core technology of PGENE. In PGENE’s system, quantitative trading primarily includes other trading indicators as part of its system. That is, by combining indicators to judge trends for encrypted digital currencies. It allows the system to make subsequent trading decisions accurately. The vision is to help everyone to benefit from it.


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