Rober Breedlove Parallax Digital CEO-CIO
Rober Breedlove Parallax Digital CEO-CIO

Robert Breedlove’s Zero And Bitcoin Comparison

5月 21, 2020

Robert Breedlove has been recently well known for publishing his detailed paper called, “The Number Zero And Bitcoin”. In his presentation for the Crypto Asia Summit, Robert put his ideas from that paper into video.

Robert states that before the number zero was invested, negative numbers did not exact. According to Robert, zero is the the centre of gravity to the numerical system just like money is central to the economic system.

Robert goes into detail about the history and evolution of the number zero and how much impact it has had on the evolution of the world. He then moved into how zero helped the discovery and invention of bitcoin.

Robert says that in the game of money it has always been to hold the most scarce money which was gold but now with bitcoin, the objective is to occupy the most territory on the only absolutely scarce network there will ever be.

This is one of the most important presentations of the summit and we encourage everyone to watch it.


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