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Share your startup story by chaintalk

Share Your Startup Story by ChainTalk

7月 1, 2020

We are now accepting submissions for our “Share Your Startup Story” movement to feature on ChainTalk TV.

ChainTalk is looking for entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses to share their stories, from victories to struggles, experiences, lessons learned, and your future outlook.

Who should join:

  • Blockchain/ Cryptocurrency industry
  • Defi, IPFS, Mining, Exchange, DApps
  • Fintech
  • Gaming
  • Media
  • AI
  • VR/AR


  • Video has to be 10 minutes or less
  • Video content need to include:
  1. How you founded your company and story behind it
  2. Your company Introduction in simple terms
  3. How did you grow your company
  4. How do you see the markets and your vision
  5. Barriers and breakthroughs
  6. Message and advice for all of entrepreneurs who want to grow their company
  • Video contents should not include scams, offering Token sales and bad damaging comments to others

Know an entrepreneur? Forward them this page, or tell them to Apply here!

Application form:




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