The Future Of Stablecoins – Expert Crypto Panel

7月 14, 2020

Stablecoins are the hot topic right now in crypto. During a panel discussion at the Crypto Asia Summit, Mati Greenspan, Alessio Quaglini, Lennix Lai, and Thomas Glucksmann talk about the future of stablecoins. They go deep into Tether and their legal troubles and the possibility of them going under.

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Mati Greenspan
Licensed Portfolio Manager. Professor at CoinTelligence Academy. Author of the book: The Complete Guide to FinTech Investing.

Alessio Quaglini
Alessio has experience in banking, regulatory bodies, management consulting and venture capital. He’s also the founder of Arepo Capital, focused on investments in technologies and blockchain. Prior to that, Alessio was the Head of Strategy Asia for BBVA, Director of Financial Institutions at First Abu Dhabi Bank and worked at the Italian Financial Services Authority (Consob) in Rome in the market abuse department.

Lennix Lai
Lennix brought with him with over a decade of experiences in financial industry, specialized on high frequency trading, DMA (Direct Market Access), asset management, front-to back trading operation, risk management, and compliance. He now plays a key
role in product development, enhancing customer experience and improving the platform.

Prior to joining OKEx, Lennix served in JP Morgan and AIG and was the Responsible Officer of CASH
Financial Services Group (00510.HK) who held full accountability on supervising regulatory activities defined by SFC. He managed a team of DMA specialists servicing global hedge funds, HFT, and quantitative CTAs, while also handling relationship with global major exchanges.

Thomas Glucksmann
Thomas has been professionally involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry since 2013, having previously worked at exchanges Mt.Gox and Gatecoin and enterprise blockchain services provider Diginex. He is Vice President of Global Business Development at Merkle Science, which provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions to detect, investigate and prevent criminal use of cryptocurrencies. His thoughts and comments on the cryptoasset ecosystem have been featured across global media including Bloomberg, Nikkei, South China Morning Post and MIT Technology Review.

Stablecoin panel
Stablecoin panel

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