What Is The Opportunity Of Bitcoin?

5月 20, 2020

Stephan Livera’s talk at the Crypto Asia Summit focused on the entry level user and growing their knowledge around it. He thinks there are 2 important opportunities we should all know.

  1. Bitcoin is the hard money, a challenge to central banking, a deflationary money, it’s the money for us to hold to store our wealth.
  2. Bitcoin’s Payment technology. Bitcoin is Permissionless and unstoppable.

He also mentioned, for those who save Bitcoin in an exchange account, he disagrees with that choice. His suggestion, at the entry level, users should use a cold wallet, the second level is to learn to hold the key, then the next level will be running a Bitcoin note.

Stephan says, Bitcoin is super money.

We should all feel lucky to be here to know Bitcoin at this time, we are still in the very early stage of Bitcoin, this is a monetary revolution.

At last he suggests the audience to learn how to earn Bitcoin.


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