Ilgar Alekperov

Zero Delay Exchange

5月 22, 2020

ZUBR exchange —zero delay even during strong volatility.

In the interview lead by Fadi, Ilgar Alekperov talked about the current crypto industry. Ilgar is the former co-head of algorithmic trading at Russia’s largest private bank and member of Moscow exchange IT committee.

He pointed out that the current infrastructure of the digital market is very weak compared to that of traditional markets. We often hear some crypto exchange fail, which is impossible in physical world. When trading delays happen, traders are more likely to accuse exchanges making the mistake on purpose and therefore lose trust in that exchange. ZUBR is trying to raise the standard for the crypto exchange industry.

He emphasized transactions on ZUBR can be done in micro seconds and can sustain high-performance without dramatically losing response time in high volatile period. The platform is built on a special hardware deigned to copy with high traffic, so users wouldn’t experience any delay.


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