Thomas Carter Dealbox
Thomas Carter Dealbox

Own Your Digital Name

May 19, 2020

Thomas Carter introduced Dealbox as a feature-rich and vertically integrated digital securities issuance and investment platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors to enable the future of investing and capital formation.

He pointed out the problems of the market now are inconsistencies in corporate diligence, access to quality early stage deal flow and analog private securities issuance. The solution from Dealbox to solve this is a full ecosystem equipping entrepreneurs and businesses with an end to end solution for accessing financing and other professional services.

He mentioned two points about how they invest:

  1. The nexus of the industry where blockchain-based innovations are augmenting and replacing legacy systems and infrastructure
  2. Companies in high-growth markets that are facilitating the growth of their respective ecosystems.

Thomas closed talking about Digital Names, a platform that allows users to change their public wallet keys to a simple digital name. He offered all Crypto Asia Summit attendees a 25% discount using codecasummit‘.


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