Tracking Cryptocrime

May 22, 2020

Thomas Glucksmann is Vice President of Global Business Development at Merkle Science, which provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions to detect, investigate and prevent criminal use of cryptocurrencies. In his presentation, Thomas mentioned some of the current cryptocrime trends including:

  • Phishing campaigns
  • Malicious mobile apps and domains
  • Home network attacks
  • Healthcare organization attacks
  • Fake and illegal listings on darknet markets
  • Investment scams and fraud

Through this list of cryptocrimes, attackers acquire cryptocurrency by demanding a ransom payment, stealing crypto, accepting it as payment, or demanding investment from innocent people believing in a scam.

Thomas has been in the crypto industry since 2013 and has a large amount of knowledge when it comes to tracking the data on the blockchain. He dives deep into specific cryptocrime trends happening right now related to Covid-19 and also includes ways to prevent it from happening.


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