Ciara Sun Huobi Global
Ciara Sun Huobi Global

Trust in Blockchain

May 20, 2020

Head of Global Business and Markets of Huobi Ciara Sun talked about trust in Blockchain.

Ciara Sun said Bitcoin and Blockchain technology formed a trustless system. Huobi taken on board the idea of trust in blockchains along with active creation of the ecosystem. From safety to security and risk control, they work with regulators to make this a reality to support projects in the ecosystem. Digital finance is based on Blockchain and lead to integration of financial markets. Huobi is building a public chain and supporting defi development. Their vision is to see global assets become allocated globally. Most important she says: with globalization, open protocol, financial services are able to cover a larger range of end users with higher efficiencies. Blockchain can bring an ultimate change to the financial and digital financial industry.


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