IEO Is Not fundraising! – Misunderstandings About Listing On Cryptocurrency Exchanges

July 1, 2020

Share information that can only be obtained within the industry regarding listings of cryptocurrency exchanges and coin listings. Here are five points that Japanese companies often mistaken:

  1. IEO is not a means of raising funds
  2. The cost of listing
  3. Market making
  4. Importance of community toward the secondary market
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of listing

I will talk about these 5 points in 5 separate videos.

Episode 1: IEO is not a means of raising money

The IEO has been a well-used fundraising tool for two years, but nowadays it is often used as a marketing and promotion tool. Getting more is not a good thing for a project. Rather, the selling pressure in the secondary market may become heavy. On the other hand, the IEO will be a deep link with the exchange, which will be a good performance force in the secondary market.

This video is in Japanese.

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How to do an IEO
How to do an IEO

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