What is Market Making?|Misunderstandings About Listing On Cryptocurrency Exchanges Part 3

July 3, 2020

What is Market Making?

The volatility of the cryptocurrency secondary market is very high. Market makers make a significant contribution to improving the liquidity of target assets in the secondary market. In this video, we will answer three basic questions for market making. The guest is Summer, a market making expert.

1. What is Market Making? What are you doing to make a market?
2. What is the difference between the stock market make-up and the crypto asset market make-up?
3. What are the advantages of making a market for a project?

Guest introduction

New Bloc Founder
Summer is a serial entrepreneur, who started Evolving Era (Evolutionary Era) and is funded by VP of Tencent and three listed companies. Prior to starting the business, he worked at investment bank Vermillion Partners and China’s top university Tsinghua University.

New Bloc is one of the top 10 crypto asset management and market maker companies in Asia, especially making a big contribution to the second market of Huobi Global and TRX. It also deals with the crypto assets of many institutional investors.

Next Video Theme: About Secondary Market
The key to success in the secondary market is the community.

Business: info@teamz.co.jp

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What is Market Makeup?
What is Market Makeup?

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