Ben Goertzel Singularity-Net CEO
Ben Goertzel Singularity-Net CEO

Using Decentralized AI Network

May 22, 2020

Ben Goertzel talked about how SingularityNET is using decentralized AI network to support our life under the COVID19 pandemic, in the particular area of precision medicine to create better antivirus against COVID 19; agent based modeling to estimate the impact of Social policies to manage COVID 19. He also mentioned we should develop the mature blockchain with decentralized AI against future unexpected situations. To end, he said for human good what we need to do are:

  • Collect data (in secure, privacy-respecting way)
  • Aggregate data (in decentralized, participatory way)
  • Analyze data with statistics, machine learning, machine reasoning
  • Create diff-eq and agent based simulations, drive by data- analyses and commonsense hypotheses
  • Evaluate human- suggested policies leveraging simulations
  • Ask AI algos to design better policies meeting human-specified objectives
  • Convince politicians and executives to deploy effective policies.

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