Alyssa Tsai


Free speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Alyssa is the Founder and CEO of PANONY and PANews, companies working to bridge the knowledge and resource gap between Asia and the global blockchain industry.
PANONY is one of Asia’s earliest blockchain consulting firms dedicated to providing localized knowledge and expedient access to global market resources. PANONY has assembled a management and advisory team of world-class experts and renowned industry veterans who have acted as strategic consultants for over a hundred projects to date. Its sister company PANews actively delivers unique and actionable insights of blockchain and cryptocurrency for entrepreneurs.
She’s currently based in Shanghai and Seoul. Prior to PANONY and PANews, Alyssa received an LL.B. degree from National Taiwan University and previously held roles in Ogilvy, Isentia, VOGUE and high-tech law firms.

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Pandu Naik

Tsai Hi panony

James Moore

Hows PANONY business Work,is that like media or analysis platform

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  James Moore

We are a consulting, research and media company. We share our news and analytic reports on a regular basis. On top of that we do have bespoke research and consulting and execution services for potential partners. Feel free to drop by for the general introduction and for original… Read more »

William Jackson

If I wanna start my business in asian market which country should I start and prepare?

Alyssa Tsai

Depends on your product market fit, but in general Greater China, South Korea and Japan would be a good start. Happy to talk more and feel free to arrange a session with our team via [email protected] 🙂

Mikako Hara

Thanks Alyssa for sharing it!!!

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Mikako Hara

Thanks dear Mikako for giving us this great platform to share our insights!

Elijah Harris

wooo I really interested about Asian market!

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Elijah Harris

Then definitely watch this and get some more info from our website too!

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Vin Tester

Haha Eric thanks for your support 🙂

Alice Perez

China invest the most but how many successful?

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Alice Perez

Depends on how you define success. Unicorns are rare in traditional realm and likewise for blockchain. Also it is a bit early to jump to an conclusion, let’s wait and see!

So Nakano

Panony is a media platform ?

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  So Nakano

We are a consulting, research and media platform, yes! Feel free to check out our two websites at &

Minato Fujii

Hello Alyssa

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Minato Fujii

Hello Minato!

Haoran Zhou

How about asia market plan?

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Haoran Zhou

We do have a world-class team in helping on that with our bespoke consulting and research services. Feel free to drop your request at [email protected] and book a session with us.

Alice Perez

Which mining machine is better for you? Bitmain or Canaan ?

Ruby Jones

We are really interested in the Aisa market!

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Ruby Jones

Feel free to drop your requests to [email protected]! Our team be happy to jump on help!

Sophia Martinez

What’s PANONY highlighting poting than other blockchain media?

Alyssa Tsai

PANONY’s media brand PANews is a business news outlet enabling entrepreneurs and industry peers to identify insights and opportunities in the blockchain realm. While other media might cover more on trader/general user side, we have very specific goals and missions as well as topics we cover, like regulation, investment movement,… Read more »

Alyssa Tsai
Reply to  Alyssa Tsai

On top of that, we are also well recognized by some of the largest institutions, like the Tencent Data News award we received.