Ben Radclyffe


Free session for the Crypto Asia Summit.


Ben is the Commercial Director for BitMEX, one of the fastest growing and successful trading platforms in the cryptocurrency and fintech space.

Prior to joining BitMEX, Ben was Managing Director for Tower Research, a trading and technology company that has built some of the fastest, most sophisticated electronic trading platforms in the world.

He has previously held roles at Deutsche Bank and UBS in three continents, has been involved in electronic trading for almost 20 years and holds a degree in Computer Science.

The Next Generation of Bitcoin Trading Products
Up to 100x leverage. Trading without expiry dates. Industry-leading security.
Welcome to Bitcoin’s most advanced trading platform.

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Pandu Naik

Thank you

gox goxx

why 20$ for a withdraw??

Alex Famer

Hello! Thx Ben for a great presentation.

Radclyffe Ben

Thanks again for all the positive feedback and the great questions! Hit me up on Telegram if you’d like to keep the discussion going –

Radclyffe Ben

Thanks for your positive feedback @Keisuke_Ishii. We will continue to work with the Japanese regulatory authorities to support their aims for the Japan market and will keep our Japan users updated.

Radclyffe Ben

@adela_garcia and @abel_brown – for market commentary and price predictions, you’re much better off listening to @crypto_hayes! I’m a dreadful investor and even worse trader I’m afraid – I just help build the infrastructure to let others do that part

Elsie Turner

well Binance has up to 125x leverage

Elsie Turner

awesome man

Radclyffe Ben

@yuto_ishikawa – thanks very much. I think the exchange space is incredibly competitive. From experience in the traditional markets, the ones who come out on top are those who have the greatest liquidity, tightest spreads and therefore the cheapest overall cost of trading for their clients. In order to achieve… Read more »

Radclyffe Ben

@Jose_Jimenez – we have an exchange guide which explains all. We’ll be working on some educational pieces over the coming months to help new users make the most from the platform as well. Feedback welcome!

Yuto Ishikawa

Ben really good share I want to ask what kinds of exchange will win for the next round and how do you see exchanges’ competitions?

Adelaide Davis

Really great video!

Bryson Jones


Radclyffe Ben

@abbeywilliams, @john_yang, @jace_smith – BitMEX is a derivatives trading exchange and we don’t have our own token, so no coins, no airdrops and no listings I’m afraid

John Yang

It looks like a good platform.

Radclyffe Ben

Hi guys – thanks for watching! I’m going to start running through a few of the questions. I’ll start with the easy ones

Hina Ono

Hi I’m Hina from Japan, I’m sad about we can not use Bitmex…. When BitMEX can come back to Japanese market??

Andrew Howard

Good to learn

John Yang

What’s the next plan this year?

Oliver Martin

I really enjoyed for this

John Yang


Jack Jiang

I really love this platform.

John Yang

Is Bitmex has some airdrop recently?

Abel Brown

What do you see the market goes after halving?

Sora Hashimoto

Keep following and keeping learning about Bitmex

Aaron Johnson

Can as a project believe in Marketmaker? I feel they will only lose our money? What’s the important point for Marketmaking?

Keisuke Ishii

There are so many users and huge community in Japan for Bitmex. Hope someday Japanese users can use Bitmex again. Welcome to back to Japan.

Jameson Williams

Worth looking forward to

Xavier Patel

Very good

Jace Smith

Has BitMEX recently airdropped?

Adela Garcia

What do you see the new crypto exchanges come out to the market? Do you see the competition for the old major player in this area like BitMEX?

Saki Tanaka

When will BitMEX come to Japanese market?

Jose Jimenez

How to use BitMEX?

Noah Taylor

One of the Bitmex users and will continue to support Bitmex

Abbey Williams

Yes! How to listing a coin?

Joshua Kim

Hello !

Abel Brown

Yay! Heyhey

Noah Taylor

Thank you very much!

Radclyffe Ben

Hi everyone – thanks for joining. Will be here to try and answer some questions at the end. Please tag me in the question, so I can find them easily

Christopher Park

Looking forward!

Ben White

I’d like to use Bitmax platform

Noah Taylor


Noah Taylor

Cant Wait to watch lol

Yanying Deng

Looking forward