Blair “aggroed” Reich


Free speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Co-Founder and CEO of the most popular game in crypto.

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Pandu Naik

hi jesse

So Nakano

Blockchain plus game means the future. Good luck !

Hinata Kaneko

How many users do you have on your platform already

Minato Fujii

Like your cover a lot

Parker Santos

Is your game suitable for novice players? I tried to play it, there is no beginner tutorial at the beginning

Ruby Jones

Are you raising fund?

Evie G

I’ve heard its so hard to make the gamers into crypto world. How do you solve it?

Evie G

How do you raise your daily active user?

Mia Yamada

I want to try it out.


Combining games with blockchain technology will definitely produce very interesting things.

Charlotte Hernandez

I like the UI!

Daisy Honda

Hi oh is that your avatar?

Haoran Zhou

It’s looks like Hearth Stone

Ayden Lopez

Your avatar looks so cool!

Parker Santos

look forward to!