Complete Macro Economic Outlook For Bitcoin Investors With Kevin Kelly CoFounder Delphi Digital


Kevin Kelly is Co-Founder and Principal of Delphi Digital.


Kevin Kelly is Co-Founder and Principal of Delphi Digital. In this chat we discuss a breakdown of Delphi’s recent economic macro outlook, the implications of rate cuts, the inverted yield curve, Asian currencies being devalued compared to USD, US treasuries, the roadmap from her that could lead to a depression, the perfect storm for Bitcoin, why Gold and Bitcoin both have value, breakdown of UTXO’s, and Bitcoin maximalism.

Kevin comes with a background in traditional equity research. In his prior role as a U.S. Equity Strategist, Kevin provided insight on global equity markets for a vast array of institutional clients. He brings with him extensive experience in equity market data, analytics, and research, often being cited in financial journalism or discussing markets on financial media outlets (TV, radio, etc.). Kevin’s passion for this space has afforded him the opportunity to bridge the gap between traditional market analysis and blockchain-specific applications. He strives to grow institutional awareness of cryptoassets and their allocation benefits in today’s unique investing environment. Kevin is a CFA charterholder with a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics.

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