Filecoin Lease Computing Mining

  • Mining pool : Filecoin
  • Renting period : 365 days
  • TiB : 1T – 43000 JPY
  • Maintenance Fee : 30%

[Product name]: Filecoin Lease Computing Mining
[Product price]: 43000 JPY(tax not included) /1T/Year( Filecoin cloud mining service starts from 1TB purchase)
[Product Period]: 365 days
[Technical service fee]: 30% (Technical service fees include: mining machine maintenance, mining machine deployment, mining machine maintenance, technical services, labor costs and other expenses.)
[Purchase currency]: BTC, USDT, Credit Card

Please check the following two points in advance when using.

1, About Deposit
ChainTalk Mining provides the collateral (FIL) required for mining from ChainTalk Mining’s own holdings so that mining can be performed immediately after the main-net is released. Therefore, when the participants are mined, the amount provided will be deducted from the mined amount at a later date.

2, About the start schedule for those who will participate after 10/15
For those who purchased ChainTalk Mining after October 15th
Unlike other mining services, ChainTalk Mining is a service that aims to improve overall profits by distributing mining machines into three miners.

Therefore, there will be a period for each miner to prepare a mining machine. Specifically, it takes 30 to 60 days after the payment is confirmed after ordering. During this period, mining machines will be procured, installed and set up. And the contract period will start after the above preparations are completed.