Finding Alpha In Crypto Investing With Paul Veradittakit Pantera Capital


Paul Veradittakit is Partner at Pantera Capital.


Paul Veradittakit is Partner at Pantera Capital. In this chat we discuss seeing market trends before they happen, VC and ICO investing, how to value crypto investments, the future of ICO’s and crypto, managing a Bitcoin fund, finding investment opportunities in Asia, and finding a job at a crypto fund.

Guest Bio

As a partner at Pantera, Paul focuses on the firm’s venture capital and hedge fund investments. Since joining in 2014, he has helped launch Pantera Venture Fund II and the firm’s currency funds, executing over sixty investments. Paul also sits on the board of OpenToken and BitOasis, is a mentor at The House Fund, Boost VC, and Alchemist, and is an advisor to Orchid, Origin, and Icon. Paul’s prior experience includes working as an associate at Strive Capital, where he focused on investments in the mobile space, including an early stage investment in App Annie. He also performed partnerships and growth for Urban Spoils, a daily-deal aggregation startup, and worked with LECG and Hatch Consulting. Paul graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

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What is your background in the VC and investing space?
You were early in mobile and crypto. Why do you think you’re able to see market trends before they happen?
What was the catalyst that drove you to crypto asset investing?

Crypto Fund

What is Pantera’s macro outlook on crypto assets?
When it comes to your Bitcoin fund, why would investors choose to invest through a fund instead of just buy Bitcoin themselves?
What are the differences between VC investing and ICO investing?
What are some key things you’re analyzing when valuing an investment?
What makes ICO’s revolutionary and what makes them dangerous?
How do you think ICO’s will evolve in the future?
What are your thoughts in DeFi? Has Pantera made any investments into that category?


What are the biggest challenges for Pantera managing a crypto asset fund?
For those looking to work in a crypto fund, where do you think they should focus their learning?
How do you see the current state of the market? Asia vs USA?


How do you want to impact blockchain and cryptocurrency?
Do you think robots will be the next generation of humans?

S.M. Sahed

So many exchanges. What makes this one unique?