Hirano Junya


Free Live speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


CEO of HashHub.The company developing tools and provide services with enterprises. Surrounded by blockchain and crypto since 2013.

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Pandu Naik

Thank you

Alex Famer

Great performance, thank you!

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Parker Santos

What is the status of the Japanese blockchain market?

John Zhao

Is there has some new tools for exchanges?

Millie Evans

Cool goatee man

Parker Santos

Hi、Junya,Can you provide technical support to foreign companies, such as Singapore companies?

Isabelle lopez

Hi Junya

Parker Santos

Waiting for start

Aoi Fujiwara

HI Junya, during this virus time, is the sharing office are still open?

Caleb Ward

Can we use the Co-working office, when we go to Japan?

Inaki Olano

Hi Hirano San

Willow Brooks

Are you guys a blockchain hub?

Keisuke Ishii

Hello HashHub

Caleb Ward