Talking about blockchain and smart contracts with Amrit Kumar and Arnav Vohra from Zilliqa


Tech workshop with Zilliqa President

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Zilliqa is a smart contract platform featuring a sharded architecture that aims to address the scalability limitations seen in some other blockchains. Its sharded design allows concurrent chains to execute transactions in parallel, thereby increasing the overall capacity of the network. In addition to scalability, Zilliqa provides a smart contract layer to support smart contract creation by way of its native programming language, Scilla. The network reaches a consensus on transactions and contract executions through a hybrid Proof-of-Work-BFT mechanism. In recent weeks, it also introduced a staking system to increase the distribution of node operators.


Name: Amrit Kumar

Position: President and Chief Scientific Officer

Bio: Amrit Kumar is the President, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Zilliqa.

Focusing predominantly on areas of security, privacy and applied cryptography, Amrit’s research has been widely published at conferences such as IEEE/IFIP and IFIP TC-11 SEC. Amrit received his PhD from Université Grenoble-Alpes, France and was hosted at Inria’s Grenoble center.

Prior to his PhD, Amrit obtained a Master’s Degree in Security, Cryptology and Coding of Information Systems from École Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et Mathématiques Apliquées de Grenoble, France.

Name: Arnav Vohra

Position: Developer Evangelist

Bio: Arnav Vohra is the Developer Evangelist of Zilliqa. Prior to joining Zilliqa, Arnav was co-founder and product head of Coinsafe, a multi-chain private key management and recovery solution. He also held roles at Gnosis (a Consensys spin-off focusing on prediction markets, multisig wallets) and Indian blockchain startup Biconomy.

Arnav holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Punjab Engineering College, and has been a staunch advocate for blockchain development right through his university years. Significantly, he has organised educational workshops and events at India’s top engineering colleges including IIT Roorkee and NIT Trichy.