Jack Tao


Free Live speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Jack is the co-founder and CEO of Phemex, a novel crypto derivative exchange. He was an 11-year veteran executive from Morgan Stanley, where he worked as global development leader in the MSET algorithm trading team before departing to co-found Phemex. Jack’s primary area of expertise is in building high throughput, low latency, large scale algorithm trading platforms. Jack has been enthusiastic about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since 2016. He is both devoted and determined to create a revolutionary cryptocurrency trading platform with the eventual goal of developing a new economy for global users.

Phemex is the fastest cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange founded by Ex-Morgan Stanley executives

Powerful Trades, Seamless Experience

Provides both spot and derivatives trading services

Supports BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, and LINK deposits and withdrawals

Provides both BTC and nominal USD settling for derivatives trading

Offers advanced functions such as FIX API, a sub-account system, and L3 quotes*


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Dava nk

I read a Phemx article from Coinpost that was a good one very easy to understand

Mario Enrique

Whats the most Lisk to trade on Phemex platform

Edduard Medina

Where Phemex base

Andrii Hedge

Hi Jack, When Phemex started ?

Pandu Naik

Thank you

Alex Famer

Hi, everyone!

Jack Tao

Thanks you Hashimoto-san

Jack Tao

Hi Ben, we do have telegram group. https://t.me/Phemex_EN

Haruto Ogawa


Ben White

thank you very much/!!

Emily lee

Thank you! hope to see you Jack!

Kanade Takahashi

Thank you!!

Adelaide Davis

Wow contribute the society, good good!

Haruto Ogawa

Would like to know how your team see the potential of Japan market? Are you going to grow your japnese community?

Rin Nakayama

Hi Jack! How do you think the crypto market and do you have plan to have a official license of Japan in the future!? Hope you guys can come to Japan

Haruto Ogawa

What is the difference between Phemex and other exchanges ?

Luke Kong

Thanks for your answer 🙂

Mak H


Ben White

Hi jack! Do you have Telegram group ? Would like to join

Yuto Ishikawa

Very great share
What’s the future goal for Phemex Jack

Isla Rodriguez

Thank you!!

Jack Jiang

If can make more Japanese translate is good for us to understand. I think

Sophia Martinez

Yeah! need educational materials!

John Yang

I’m read some article about Phemex in Japan, do you have some plan in Japanese marketing? like take a license or someway else?

Sora Hashimoto

Hello Jack very glad to hear you guys focusing on the quality of the services. Will definitely to give a try. Good luck.

Sophia Martinez

How do you protect the user asset? I like no trading fee, but i dont want to lost my money.

Luke Kong

I noticed that Phemex is a trading platform for financial derivatives, Can you share some plan details for this year later?

Aoi Fujiwara

Document in Japanese? 英語がわからないので、日本語の資料を頂くと助かります!すいません!

Caleb Ward


Kakeru Yamashita

Any campaigns happening with Phemex ? Like the Zero fee service.

Aoi Fujiwara

Not Japanese web!?

Jack Jiang

No trading fee is great, and there has more advantages?

Kakeru Yamashita


Keisuke Ishii

Hello Jack Tao and Hello Pemex. I have read one article about Phemex and very interested in your team. Great job and keep going.

Emily lee

How did Phemex grow the traffic? I’m already using Binance and Bybit, why should I move to use Phemex?

Jameson Williams

Is the platform ready to use?

John Zhao

Sounds great

John Zhao

It sounds like the more transactions the person I introduced makes more money, then I can get more rebates?

Jace Smith

Is the handling fee of Phemex expensive?

Sakura Tamura

There is few exchanges come to Japan as well, who is your competitor exchange by now?

Xavier Patel

Can Phemex be used in Japan

Jose Jimenez


Yuina Nakayama

Which coin will be listing on Phemex next!?

Isla Rodriguez

Do you listing coins?

Adelaide Davis

No Technology guy in the team?

Olivia Ridriguez

What’s Phemex? exchange?

Olivia Ridriguez

Hi Jack!!

Yuina Nakayama

Hi Jack!