Jesus Rodriguez


Free Live speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Jesus Rodriguez is a technology expert, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and internationally recognized speaker and author. A computer scientist by background, Jesus is the Chief Technology Officer at IntoTheBlock, a platform that leverages advanced machine learning to understand and predict crypto-asset markets. Jesus is also the Chief Scientist and Managing Partner at Invector Labs, a development studio focused on leveraging artificial intelligence in real world applications. Prior to Invector Labs, Jesus founded Tellago, an award-winning software development agency focused on the latest technology trends. Jesus’ technical career includes tenures building cloud systems at Microsoft and quantitative trading platforms for several Wall Street hedge funds. Jesus has been the recipient of several industry awards including the Inc. 500 and Stevie Awards for American and international business. He serves as a board member in several enterprise software companies and is an investor in over a dozen of startups.

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Pandu Naik

learned a lot

Pandu Naik

Thank you for more information

Joshua Ng

Great sharing…

Kayden Reyes

Will the price of Bitcoin change drastically next year?
Will someone buy it if the price of Bitcoin exceeds 100,000?

John Zhao

How do you think about BTC’s price next?


When you use artificial intelligence for analysis, how do you ensure that the correct data is available?

Joshua Ng
Can u conduct similar analysis on the unihash blockchain above?

Yanying Deng

What data triggers are you watching for short-term trading

Yanying Deng

What is the biggest market manipulation you have seen?

Adela Garcia

Hello Everyone
People are saying BTC will be 100K in 2021 what do you think?

Inaki Olano

para alguien un poco nuevo que quiere empezar a analizar los datos de blockchain. ¿Por dónde deberían empezar?

Aoi Fujiwara

Also, many people are calling for a big move in ethereum soon. Are seeing that as well through data??

Miles Cruz

So is it suitable to buy bitcoin now?

Yanying Deng

What interesting metrics did you see prior to the halving?

William Jackson

since you see so much data, what is the next coin to buy? lol

Aoi Fujiwara

How do you work with exchanges?

Hana Watanabe

When analyzing data, how do you choose which metrics are important with so many options?

Haoran Zhou

And data visualization tools?

Haoran Zhou

Can you share some existing data analysis resources?

Joshua Ng

Is user base, # of transactions, utility of the tokens, # of platforms important factors to decide the value of the crypto?

Yanying Deng

What metrics do you find most interesting right now?

William Jackson

Hello Intotheblock

Yanying Deng

Hey Jesus!