Kathleen Chu


Free speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Kathleen joined the Maker Foundation in 2019 to lead the organization’s plan to educate and drive the adoption of Dai and the Maker Protocol in Japan. Before Maker, she was Digital Content, Marketing, and PR Lead for blockhive, an Estonia-based blockchain startup. Kathleen had been a journalist at Bloomberg in Tokyo for more than 15 years. The SOPA Awards finalist covered topics ranging from real estate to investing. During her tenure with the news agency, she took on additional roles, including deputy bureau chief.


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Parker Santos

Makerdao looks great

Pandu Naik

Thank you

Pádraig Mac Anraoi

This isn’t the most engaging presentation I’ve seen today.

Alex Famer

It’s good to hear such an interesting performance, thank you. We at CoinsPaid.com fully support decentralized finance and hope that this trend will be relevant in 2020-2021.


looking forward to your future development, thanks

Kathleen Chu

Thanks all! To answer your question, Aaron, Maker Foundation’s goal is to bootstrapping MakerDAO. The foundation is working toward further decentralizing MakerDAO and we do have a plan to dissolve in two years. And Abel, in regards to our plan going forward, we are focusing on promoting the usage of… Read more »


MAKER TOKEN, DROP in value, more than
20% in 2020, my question, can maker, be use for merchandise?,
or benefit our company,
for off and online payment gateway
m7pay.io is a cyrto-currencyt payment gateway, for daily transaction for
retail store, and utility Bill payment,

Lyan B

There is no much good project like Maker Dao

Luke Kong

Good to hear about Dai money!

Oliver Martin

Very goos share and thanks for the presentation

Abel Brown

What’s the next move?

Abbey Williams

Thank you for explaining the Dai money supply!! Always good to know

Andrew Howard

Hello Kathleen

James Moore

Hope industry is going to have more high technology project like Maker Foundation

Jack Jiang

This sounds good

zoey deng


William Jackson

Good to hear about Maker Foundation new update

John Zhao

Looking forward!

Christopher Park

Hi everyone!

Aaron Johnson

Its a charity project?

Haoran Zhou

Looking forward

Noah Taylor

This is very interesting

Tianyu Yang

Looking forward

Larry Wen

Looking forward!