Keisuke Horiguchi


This is a free session for the Crypto Asia Summit.



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Horiguchi Keisuke

Let’s discuss the Japanese market and marketing in Japan.

John Yang

Hi Keisuke, thanks for sharing. What is your tips for marketing in Japan?

Horiguchi Keisuke
Reply to  John Yang

Targeting and regulation

Noah Taylor

How do you think about Altcoins in the future, do you think it is going to to be 0?

Horiguchi Keisuke
Reply to  Noah Taylor

Many altcoins will go to zero. The important thing is to create use cases that BTC cannot do. Like USDT.

Lmogen Parker

Hope can work together in the future

Sofia Gomez

Would like to know more how Japanese crypto work but can not understand Japanese. Do your team have someone who can talk English ?

Horiguchi Keisuke
Reply to  Sofia Gomez

Yes, there are people in my team who can speak English.
Please send a message to my account.

Noah Taylor

How many main crypto media in japan ?

Horiguchi Keisuke
Reply to  Noah Taylor

I know about 10~15

Noah Taylor

Hey man, which coin is your fav?

Horiguchi Keisuke
Reply to  Noah Taylor

BTC Only

Kakeru Yamashita

Next Money いいですね

Horiguchi Keisuke


Hinata Kaneko

Hello Next Money

Horiguchi Keisuke
Reply to  Hinata Kaneko

Hello Thank you comment