Mati Greenspan


Free Live speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Licensed Portfolio Manager. Professor at CoinTelligence Academy. Author of the book: The Complete Guide to FinTech Investing.


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Masaki Katata

Great job

Pandu Naik

Really great job

Deivy Bellorin

Signed up for your newsletter

Ajmain Chowdhury

And the China- United States trade war goes? How it going to effect the economy in the future?

Edward Hermias

What indicators do you use?

Edgar Armenta

Do you trade with Fib or RSI?

Sharjeel Rahman

Really great job done

Alejandro Blondell

when will the recession happen?

Dava nk

what do you think is going to happen to the economy?

Nabil Naser

What are your long-term targets for bitcoin?

Mario Enrique

nice presentation Mati thanks

Sayeed Ruble

How do you store your crypto?

Aniice Lenk

Do you think we could see 6k btc again?

Suhad Turan

whats your favourite exchange?

Angelo David

Do you like the online events?

Andrii Hedge


Alex Famer

Thx you for great forecasting!

In CoinsPaid we hope for a shift in the financial paradigm in the near future.

Mati Greenspan

Thanks a lot for having me!

Oliver Martin

It was a very nice session

Freay Miller

Thank you mati!

Oliver Martin

Thanks for your share

Ella Lee

About Russia, do you think they are playing it smart with oil.

James Moore

do you think btc halving was non event or longer term?

Elsie Turner

Whats your take on Paul tudor jones buying BTC futures?

Noah Taylor

Are you still investing in cannabis?

Eli Bennet

Thank you!

William Jackson

What kinds of companies got the opportuniy grow even better during this special timing and situation ?

Ella Lee

And the China- United States trade war goes? How it going to effect the economy in the future?

Noah Taylor

People are talking about the new finance and new money system. Do you think all the countries need to pass the law and start to treat Crypto Currency as a legal currency ?

Eli Bennet

How can the government pay this debt back?

Ella Lee

Hi Matt, what do you think Chinese economy will go in the future?

William Jackson

What’s the role of the central bank in the future ? Do you think in the near future that banks will provide crypto currency services ?

Elsie Turner

How do you think about the price of XRP and BTC?

Mari Morizono

What do you think needs to happen for banks to accept crypto?

Adela Garcia

What is the safe and good return investment at this moment?

Freay Miller

What are thoughts on Asias economy and the future of it?

Elsie Turner

How can we determine if bitcoin is breaking away from the stock market trend?

Adela Garcia

Do you think USD position will be changed in the near future ?

Yanying Deng

How bad do you think the current bubble is?

Freay Miller

Is unemployment rate a longer term impact on economy?

Madoka Yoshida

What do you think of Oil right now particularly USO?

Freay Miller

Hi Mati

John Zhao

What do you think of Oil right now particularly USO?”

Madoka Yoshida

Hi Mati