Matt D’Souza


Free Live speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Matt D’Souza is an entrepreneur with a primary focus on the Bitcoin and Blockchain Industry. He has a unique perspective, as he is deeply involved in many buckets of the Blockchain Ecosystem. He manages a Digital Currency Hedge Fund and he is the CEO of Blockware Solutions – a leading service provider for the Bitcoin Mining Industry; which is one of the largest distributors of ASIC’s to the US Market, provides research focused on Bitcoin, Global Markets, and Bitcoin Mining, and service many Large Mines / Colocation Facilities in the US. Matt recently launched Blockware Mining, a Bitcoin Mining Fund that is currently managing over 180PH in the US.
The scope of Matt’s involvement in the space provides a well-rounded perspective, which allows Matt to harmonize what is happening in Bitcoin, the Global Macroeconomic Environment, and Bitcoin Mining to develop a comprehensive understanding of what influences Bitcoin.

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Pandu Naik

Thank you

James Moore

If i wanna to do some mining by myself(like join some platform)do you have some begin suggestion?

Mikako Hara

If I do a mining lease how long to breakeven roughly? How does the process work?

So Nakano

What’s the most challenge for mining industry for this moment ?

Minato Fujii

What do you think all the mining makers stop producing the new machines ?

Sophia Martinez

Do mining pool size matters to the mining number? Like or Pooling or other mining pool, what do you recommend?

John Yang

Hey Matt! Can you talk about the sell pressure from miners you spoke about in the panel?

Chloe Wilson

what is difference between bitmain and canaan? I heard Canaan is cheaper and better stability.

John Yang

Which exchange do you recommend?

Mia Yamada

Is it true there are tax incentives to mining? I’m from Japan.

Theodore Ward

Do you recommend buying canaan stock?

Ella Lee

what major institutions are interested in mining? I know in Japan such like SBI, GMO; In China like OKEx.

Daisy Weng

Have you visited China? I’m from Beijing 🙂

Daisy Weng

Seems like mining difficulty will drop 6% next week, why the difficulty drop? what’s going to be affected?

Wesley Fernandez

Hi Matt, How would you recommend a retail miner start?

Haoran Zhou

Why is the new machine better?

Phoebe Wang

Just saw the news about Cambodia central bank launched Iroha (a CBDC), what’s your opinion on that?


Can you talk about how hashrate relates to price?


Hello Matt.Nice to hear your speech

Haoran Zhou

What price is key to shutting off a bunch of miners?

Wesley Fernandez

Looking forward the presentation!

Minato Fujii

Looking forward the presentation

Kevin Orozco

When’s it airing ?


Do you have a lot of time working in the Digital Currency Fund?

Kakeru Yamashita

Blockware solutions have your own mining farm?


look forward to!

Haoran Zhou

Looking forward too!

Micah Dela cruz

look forward to

Micah Carcia

Waiting for start

Yuina Nakayama

Is it started yet!?

Charlie Acosta

how can I buy a machine?

eliana Lugo

where are the best places for mining?

Lucas Fernández

which is the best mining pool?

Yuina Nakayama

Hi Matt, I had saw the panel of yesterday. Could you share more about what you think about bitcoin, price in this year etc…

Yury Vasquez

nice info Matt!

Angelo David

does China run mining?

Jorge Triana

how can I mine with you?

Delvis Cuba

loved this one

Edgar Armenta

can I mine from my home?

Deivy Bellorin

is Bitmain going to last?

Pablo Mercedes

I read China has 60% of mining

Edduard Medina

is bitcoin profitable now?