Pascal Gauthier


Free Live speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Pascal started his career at Kelkoo, a price comparison service acquired by Yahoo for EUR 475 million in 2004. He then joined the advertising company Criteo in 2008 where he worked for five years as COO, being instrumental in the pivot to advertising, which led to the company’s global expansion towards a EUR 2.17 billion market capitalisation.
Before being CEO at Ledger, Pascal worked as Venture Partner in Mosaic Ventures, a London based venture capital firm focusing on Series A stage companies. Pascal is also non-executive chairman of Kaiko, a financial data website on Bitcoin.

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Farhan Sayeed

what new coins are coming to the Ledger?

Febri Andriyanto

Can this be hacked?

Edgar Armenta

Thanks for accepting TRON

Edgar Armenta

Thanks Pascal

Dava nk

Nice presentation

Alejandro Blondell

I want to work at Ledger

Nabil Naser

what is the future of ledger

Sayeed Ruble

What is the future of hardware wallets?

Pablo Mercedes

Is this the best way to store crypto?

Aniice Lenk

What do you think of Ballet?

Suhad Turan

Do you think a new tech will replace hardware wallets?

Mario Enrique

Hey Pascal

Angelo David

What is difference between S and X?

Andrii Hedge

Is it true Trezor is hackable?

Pandu Naik

thank you so much

Joshua Ng

Looking forward to ledger being able to store coins n token under the unihash blockchain…

Ichiro Minamikawa

Looked totally different with cap 😊

Noah Taylor

Comes token ? That’s great

Aoi Fujiwara

Thank you!!!!!

Noah Taylor

Hello Pascal

A lot of makers be affected by Covid-19 because of the transport is really hard. Is that affected Ledger’s sales performance?

Samuel Pang
Reply to  Noah Taylor

Ledger is experiencing positive impact from covid. We are still delivering orders worldwide as usual, but with some delays in some jurisdiction due to impact on transportation logistics

Aoi Fujiwara

Does Ledger wallet going to have more new crypto this year!?

Glenn Woo

Where is Pascal reading the questions from?

Taichi Ishii

people are talking in the near future we don’t need wallet or don’t need to put our crypto currency to the exchanges it will be put in human’s skin or mind. Do you think that would be happen ? Is Ledger doing something new about how to store crypto currency… Read more »

Miles Cruz

Do you have any plans to develop in Asia this year

Glenn Woo
Reply to  Miles Cruz

We already have a team based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Ichita Hasegawa

Did you open your Japanese market too ?

Glenn Woo

We don’t have an office in Japan, but we are doing both retail and institutional businesses in Japan.

Ichita Hasegawa

What do you think the competition of the hardware wallet industry ? How does Ledger to win your competitor? What’s make Ledger different with the other hardware wallet providers

Kayden Reyes

Hello Pascal Do you think the government will strengthen the control of virtual currency next?

zoey deng

how s working in asia side

Haruto Ogawa

By the way do you have any local partners or providers in Japan or China ?

Haruto Ogawa

Hello Ledger
How you can guarantee your users wallet security. How many sales share percent from the whole crypto currency market

Kayden Reyes

Hi Pascal, do you think it is suitable to invest in Bitcoin in May?

zoey deng

how does work with ?

Haruto Ogawa

Hi Ledger
Do have have campaigns these days ?

Miles Cruz

Great, started

Haoran Zhou

Nano X looks so cool!!

Joshua Kim
Reply to  Haoran Zhou

What is Nano X

John Zhao

Still waiting…

Jim Maricondo

When is this going to start??

zoey deng

great one waiting

Joshua Ng

Great product

Wilson Lau


Taib Ahmed