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Satoshi Hasuo is Representative Director & President of Coincheck, Inc., a leading crypto exchange in Japan. He started his career at The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan in 1993. After worked for UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Securities Co., Ltd., he joined Monex Group, Inc. (former name: Monex Beans Holdings, Inc.) in May 2005 where he was appointed as Chief Financial Officer in October 2010. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Monex, Inc.

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William Jackson

How does coincheck going to do marketing in global market? or do you only focus in Japan!?

Oliver Martin

What kind of the projects that Coincheck is looking for ?

James Moore

So Coincheck is a group company of Monex?

Oliver Martin

Hope Coincheck can give more information about Japan crypto market.

Mason Clark

Would like to know more about how to list tokens on coincheck ? What’s the process and the roughly timeline ?

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Mason Clark

How many tokens listed on Coincheck ?

Lucas Sanchez

What’s the process to get a JFSA license in Japan ?

Ben White

How many users that Coincheck ? About Japan exchanges always see information about bitFlyer. What’s the position of coincheck in Japan ? Top 3 ?

Elijah Harris

Personal very interested in Japan market as you say it’s the second big trading country. There is huge potential for Japan market. As one of the crypto exchanges what do you see the opportunity and the problems of the Japan crypto market ?

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Welcome Satoshi

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