The Quantum Leap Of Financial Markets And Money With Mati Greenspan


Mati Greenspan is the founder of Quantum Economics.

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Mati Greenspan is the founder of Quantum Economics. In this chat we discuss why he decided to leave eToro, $10k Bitcoin, macro economic analysis of crypto and traditional markets, being a contrarian, central banks and global debt, altcoin opportunities, and much more. Published February 17, 2020.

Guest Bio
Mati Greenspan is the founder of Quantum Economics and a former Senior Market Analyst at eToro. Mati is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union and his main focus is on macroeconomic analysis, portfolio diversification and cryptocurrencies.

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What were you doing before blockchain/crypto?
How did get involved in this space?
Why did you decide to leave eToro?


Why is this $10k BTC different from the last one that stopped at $14k?
Can you explain the different market cycles and why they matter?
What timeframes are you watching from a TA perspective?
Before pulling the trigger on a trade, what boxes are you checking off?
When is being a contrarian good?
What altcoins are at the top of your radar? Tezos?


What do you think is going to happen with the crypto exchange space?
From a fundamental standpoint, what are you watching closely in 2020 to drive price?
If the economy does take a downturn, what indicators would you be watching to analyze if Bitcoin is non-correlated or correlated to this type of market?
Are there any on-chain stats that factor into your investment decisions?


What are your thoughts on Bitcoin as a store of value?
How do you want to impact blockchain and cryptocurrency?
Do you think robots will be the next generation of humans?