Thomas Carter


Crypto Asia Summit live presentation.


Thomas Carter, CEO, DealBox
Entrepreneur Innovator Futurist
30 years entrepreneur capital markets, fintech innovator, digital securities pioneer. Featured in: Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Nasdaq, Maxim, MSNBC, Success Yahoo Finance. Has taken 2 companies public, helped over 400 companies with capital markets and consulting services. Married 5 Boys Resides in Vista CA.

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Thomas Carter

Yes it’s legal in US. Digital securities issuances through DealBox follow all required SEC guidelines.

Alejandro Blondell

is this legal in the US?

Farhan Sayeed

do I need to store on hardware wallet?

Sharjeel Rahman

Nice bro keep it up

Sayeed Ruble

nice info!

Aniice Lenk

is there an exchange to buy and sell?

Angelo David

Can anyone invest or only accredited

Suhad Turan

how do I store my tokens?

Pablo Mercedes

cannaIQ looks like a good investment!

Mario Enrique

tokenization makes so mcuh sense

Andrii Hedge

what can I invest in?

Pandu Naik

Thanks for the information

Thomas Carter

I’m here to answer questions thx 🙂

ChristyAna Viva

Wow too early !

ChristyAna Viva

Can we ask questions here ?

Magdim Metshin

Very informative. Thanks, Thomas

zoey deng

thanks you talk

ChristyAna Viva

Thank you 🙏

ChristyAna Viva

Are you willing to come in a virtual talk show about crypto for beginners ?

ChristyAna Viva

If we are not planning to raise until a year from now should we still use deal box?

ChristyAna Viva

How do you arrange these partnership deals when launching ? Rev share ?

ChristyAna Viva

What is the first step to “building for acquisition?

Sofia Gomez

Also whats the monetary commitment working with Dealbox?

Sofia Gomez

What type of control do you look for when working with a new entrepreneur?

Aoi Fujiwara

I have one more question, how do you think the investment market will to be in 2020?? What is good to invest!? ( when economy is bad)

Miles Cruz

Hello Thomas, do you have any cooperation with some blockchain technology companies recently?

Rin Nakayama


Haruto Ogawa

Most of the projects got the infection because of the bad economy situation does Dealbox got infected from the special world economy situation? What the companies need to do to get through the hard timing?

Joshua Kim

what’s your personal strength and your team strength can make Dealbox be better than your competitors?

Rin Nakayama

any opinion on security token regulation in the US❓

Haruto Ogawa
Reply to  Rin Nakayama

would like to know.

Aoi Fujiwara

What kind of crypto/ blockchain company do you have partnership with!?

Rin Nakayama

Hey Thomas, have you worked w/ crypto companies before?

Kakeru Yamashita

If possible would like to know what’s Dealbox next step or your 2020 goal and plan?

Haruto Ogawa

Do you have any partners or local team in Asia Market ?

Aoi Fujiwara

Can we also have investment packaging from Japan!?

Keisuke Ishii

Where Dealbox base and what dealbox wants to contribute to the whole blockchain industry and crypto community

Sora Hashimoto

Hello Dealbox
What’s your current needs and what are you looking for ? Would like to work together

William Jackson

hello Tomas,I’like to ask you like how do you think the security issue of crypto currency

Kayden Reyes

Hi,Thomas 、Bitcoin was halved not long ago. Do you think there will be any changes in the development of virtual currency afterwards?

John Zhao

Do you have some idea about Asia market? Or plan

John Zhao

Hi Tomas, we’re looking forward you

Eric Woon

While waiting for the speaker, you might want to check out his promotion at

It’s a English readable name for ewallets that replaces the complicated 30-50 alphanumeric characters we find in crypto accounts.

Kayden Reyes

Hi,Thomas 、Hope you can share more interesting news

zoey deng

hi everyone im zoey from the unihash team

Aoi Fujiwara


Eric Woon

Good day

Hana Watanabe

Hello everyone