Thomas Glucksmann


Free speaking session from the Crypto Asia Summit.


Thomas has been professionally involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry since 2013, having previously worked at exchanges Mt.Gox and Gatecoin and enterprise blockchain services provider Diginex. He is Vice President of Global Business Development at Merkle Science, which provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions to detect, investigate and prevent criminal use of cryptocurrencies. His thoughts and comments on the cryptoasset ecosystem have been featured across global media including Bloomberg, Nikkei, South China Morning Post and MIT Technology Review.

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Pandu Naik

no solution for cryptocrime

Phoebe Wang

Has the government contacted Merkle Science for data or help?

Thomas Glucksmann
Reply to  Phoebe Wang

we work with a number of law enforcement agencies across the world to assist them with investigations into specific criminal incidents.

Freay Miller

Hey Thomas, How do we keep clean from Malware?

Thomas Glucksmann
Reply to  Freay Miller

main advice is to be super paranoid when accessing websites or receiving emails that don’t look “kosher” especially if they ask you to click specific links or download attachments. some of these emails can be very well designed and targeted based on information about you online, so always check where… Read more »

Chloe Wilson

How do people actually access the darknet?

Thomas Glucksmann
Reply to  Chloe Wilson

to access the darknet for “research” purposes you would need to connect to the internet first via a secure VPN service (if your ISP finds you browsing the darkweb you could get into trouble), then download and use Tor, a special and secure browser for viewing sites on the dark… Read more »

Isabelle lopez

How can we protect our assets or ourselves from any hacks or crime?

Thomas Glucksmann
Reply to  Isabelle lopez

short answer is try not to leave funds on a centralized exchange, use strong passwords and multifactor authentication on exchange and wallet accounts, and be very paranoid about your general internet security, e.g. connect using VPNs, don’t trust suspicious emails/websites and don’t provide too much personal info on social media… Read more »

Mia Yamada

Very interesting you work on investigate and prevent criminal use of cryptocurrencies.

Joshua Ng

What do u think about ETF cryptocurrency token?

John Yang

Hey Thomas! Is coinmixing 100% untraceable or is there a way?

Thomas Glucksmann
Reply to  John Yang

we can identify funds moving to and from coinmixing services and we identify addresses that form part of coin mixing “clusters” or groups of addresses that are used for this “mixing” process

Theodore Ward

Hi Thomas

Johny Calabrese

Congrats on the child Thomas !

Thomas Glucksmann

Thank you, born last night!