Remington Ong
Remington Ong

“Zoom Moment” In Blockchain Industry

May 22, 2020

Remington Ong shared his opinions on blockchain and the pandemic at the Crypto Asia Summit. He is the partner of Fenbushi Capital, the most active blockchain VC. Many other non-essential industries stopped functioning, but not the blockchain industry, which always moves 10X or even 100X faster than the rest of the world. Innovation in this space happening every day and Fenbushi continues to invest in startups during the quarantine.

While Zoom became king of the quarantine economy, he believes we’ll also find “Zoom moment” in blockchain. 4 areas in blockchain industry have massive potential during the pandemic that are: identity & personal data, where blockchain tech can achieve the balance between privacy and access data; supply chain; transfer of value, where stimulus payment and charitable giving could be done faster using blockchain than sending physical checks; and decentralized collaboration.


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