How Digital Currency Can Bring More Freedom To Entire World

May 20, 2020

Roger Ver, founder of, started his presentation with a quote from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. Before, the government monopoly forced people to use local currency, but nowadays people have more options. In the ranking of economics freedom, HK ranks first, while Cuba has the least amount of freedom. Roger compared a 70-year before and after picture and showed dramatic changes in HK but very little in Cuba.

Economic freedom is important because it leads to higher per-capita income, high life expectancy, higher literacy rate, better income for the poorest 10%, as well as improved environment protection fewer wars. The world will become a better place and digital currency is helping with that, according to Roger.

Roger said Bitcoin Cash is an amazing tool to bring more economic freedom to the world. BCH makes it easier to start a business, enforces property rights, and promote free trade and enable people to opt out of corrupt systems.

At last, he used another Brian Armstrong quote: “it will serve as a giant economic stimulus package for the world, accelerate innovation, reduce wars, make the poorest 10% better off, overthrow corrupt government, and raise happiness,” with the emphasize on BCH, the best tools to accomplish these goals.


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