The Future of Money – Kathleen Chu Key Points

May 18, 2020

Kathleen discussed how DAO could improve the existing financial ecosystem disconnection in respect to accessibility, liquidity, flexibility and the control right owned by individuals.

Maker is public resources, a public toolkit. Dai offers new way to think of money by “reduce systemic rent-seeking from the point of money creation.” No traditional currency is available to anyone anywhere. However, it can be solved by Dai, a stable and decentralized currency that you have the right to control and generate.

How Dai works:

  1. Unit account of Dai is $1 at target price
  2. Dai as an exchange medium
  3. Dai’s store of value
  4. Dai supply is user-generated against user’s assets as collateral; Dai’s demand come from bank free mobile money, remittance, and micro-finance loans. Risk governance balances Dai supply and demand.


4 user cases of Dai:

  1. Social project: disaster relief program, donations and crowdfunding, sending Dai instantly to people in need.
  2. Business application: payment, tokenization of invoices and etc,.
  3. DeFi: trading, loans and leverage
  4. financial inclusion, as a way to avoid inflation.

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